Recently our MadPea Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament began with all kinds of new and improved features to our hunt, err fishing roster but one thing we definitely kept was the Top of the Leaderboard recognition.

For the second exciting week of fishing, our Top of the Leaderboard was Betth εїз. ( Betth.Ashbourne)

Betth busy fishing aboard El Guisante Loco

I started off my interview with Betth by congratulating her for being the top fisherman this week.  She said, “Thank you,” then told me she had taken time off from her real-world job to relax and to spend time on the Fishing Tournament.  What dedication!

I saw that she has been in Second Life for eleven and a half years, and asked her how she found SL.  Betth filled me in on her start by telling me this, “I had heard SL mentioned on a financial news show about earning RL money in the virtual world and was curious to check out for myself.  I have never been a creator here, but I enjoy the social aspect, meeting people from around the world, the clubs and seeing the creativity of the regions.”

I also asked her how she discovered MadPea.  Betth replied, “I heard about MadPea from people writing about it in Flickr blogs.  But I think what got me started participating was Mad World.  I love carnivals in real life.”  Betth told me her next Mad World conquest is to play the Witch Hunter Game, but only after she catches all her fishing prizes.

Inquiring about how does she get ALL those fish, Betth responded with a laugh and said, “Speed!  My secret technique is speeding from one fishing spot to another and clicking that globe (on the fishing HUD) like a speed demon!”  I mentioned the Second Life Police might get on her tail and Betth laughed and admitted to hearing a few faint sirens as she speed-fished.

We chatted about the shiny catches and Betth had this to say, “The shinies are an amazing addition to the fishing experience. I’ve got many of them out at my home.”  She added, “Also, I’m hanging the fish display plaques and have collected 4 so far. Those are a great idea and making it really feel like a tournament by getting prizes along the way.  I am looking forward to collecting the entire set.”

Since Betth is such a fishing whirlwind I had to ask her about interacting with the fishing stations and which one was her favorite to fish at.  Without hesitation, she responded with, “My favorite is the dock, it just looks so perfect for fishing and relaxing.  It makes me feel like fishing at the lake. I really like seeing the dock station when there are three people using it at the same time, that is so much fun.”

Inquiring about regions that had caught her fancy while fishing, she mentioned a few, “There are so many great places around the SL grid, to choose a couple of favorites, The Secret Garden on Canadiana Region, so pretty and fun place to hang out, they are not participating currently so I hope they return soon. Also Aquila Research Station on Aquila III region, a very creative idea that’s fun to explore.”

In closing, I gave Betth the question, Do you have any words of wisdom for your fellow anglers?  Her answer was to laugh and then state, “Join in all the fun with your fellow MadPeas, you can do things quickly or you can take time and take it slow.  There is so much to see and do, and the rewards are great fun for everyone.”

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