Our Mad Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament is winding down to an end, and with it the delightful exploration of sims grid-wide that have participated in hosting fishing sites for all of us to discover and enjoy. It is without question one of the best parts of our large-scale hunts, and this ‘fisherwoman’ will be disappointed not to have an excuse to randomly pop up on a sim to see what treasures might be uncovered. Fortunately, this summer definitely gave me the fix I craved with all the AMAZING sims I was able to explore and discover.

Magic and the dreams that accompany it are brought to a breathless and painstaking life at The Familiars Crossing on Ramblin Rose. Reality can be checked at the door, because once you step foot on this sim you are thoroughly whisked away to another world where magic seeps out from the soil to wrap its vines right around your heart.

Familiars Crossing is a woven tapestry of fairy tales and magic, filled with hidden alcoves, dark spooky paths haunted with ethereal visions, forbidding towers, inviting cottages and so much more. The details are meticulous and breathe such a life into it that you might assume a woodland sprite or an old wizened crone might have just stepped into the next room for a moment and will be right back.

Magical creatures are tucked in their natural habitat as you follow the paths that will lead you all over the island. You’ll hold your breath when you come upon a lone unicorn, you’ll go still and quiet so as not to frighten it away and then you’ll give a start when it turns your way and bows regally in your direction. And when you take that little boat out on the water, ambling towards the falls – don’t be surprised when a herd of mer-corns pop up from the water to bid a curious hello.

There are several little homes to explore as well, from the little house under the hill to the tower house rising high above the island. Each are filled to the brim with tiny little treasures and discoveries to be made. Enjoy your time here and celebrate the artistry of the magic that was put into creating it. The forest by moonlight, the water by starlight, the fog hewn paths that beckon you deeper and deeper into a mystic wonderland brought to sensory overload.