SUMMER IS HERE!  It’s time to chill and take it easy for a bit.. without forgetting about fun and hunting – not to mention amazing locations and PRIZES!

This summer we’re bringing you a Mad Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament that will last instead of two weeks a TWO WHOLE MONTHS! 

How to fish?

Don’t know anything about fishing? Don’t worry, we’ll provide you everything you’ll need! Beautiful Second Life locations will be filled with places where you can fish. You’ll be using our radar HUD to find those and GO FISH! Not only will you catch fish that will give you points, but you’ll also earn instant prizes and are working together for a big collective goal to reveal brand new exclusive prizes. Leaderboard will play a big role as there’ll be big cash rewards for top fishers!

There will be different types of fishing gear, some that will have more advantage than others. Stay tuned as we’ll launch this grid-wide fishing madness on July 15th!

What’s NEW?

We have been working on our MadPoints currency and the points you’ll earn during fishing will be MadPoints you can spend on…. drumrolls please… ALL of MadPea in-store items at Mad City (exc. gachas & HUDs). So this time not only do you have fishing related prizes, you can actually save your points and work towards your favourite MadPea social and interactive games for example! MadPoints are naturally already in use at Mad World!

Mad Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament for location owners

We are inviting all store and location owners to become part of this fishy summer event. Everyone has a chance to get involved and lure the fishers to your location with special fishing stations. Starting from gold fish bowls to full boats we will cater to locations tiny and large! Keep an eye out for our notices when the fishing stations will go for sale.


Mark the dates of  15th of July till 15th of September to join the biggest Fishing Tournament on the grid!