The Interview

A spectacular once in a lifetime opportunity awaits you!
The Goliathus Society is NOW HIRING.
If you outwit and outsmart the rest of the Applicants the job of your dreams is yours.

The race for the Job that everyone wants is about to start. Who is going to be the first one to pass the recruitment assessment days filled with mysterious puzzles and intrigue.

How bad do you want it? All you need to do is to pass The Interview…



The Ghost Town

A darkness controls the soul. A darkness that drives a good man to unfathomable depths of depravity.

No one is safe from the murky evil that lurks inside…not you….not me.

Discover the demons that compelled an honest, home-loving man to a murderous spiral of insanity. Capture for eternity the lost souls of his victims and walk among the dead of The Ghost Town.


The Ghost Town is a free to play game exclusively for Firestorm Gateway.


The Peatonville Asylum


Peatonville Asylum was built on an isolated island with little contact to the outside world. Top class doctors and staff were hired to treat the most severely mentally damaged patients and a special large grant was assigned to this rehabilitation programme aiming to use new technologies and methods in making the patients fit for society again.

As well as brainwashing, community circles, electric shocks and compassion treatments, the patients had very strict daily routines, compared to the monastery. They were under constant surveillance.

The programme started to show tremendous progress in a short amount of time and more money was invested and donated to assure that the Peatonville Asylum would become the best mental health facility in the country.

However, in November 1943, all 22 residents both patients and staff all vanished without a trace.
The location is believed to be haunted.
Peatonville Asylum was never re-opened again.. Until now!

Mysterious shards are found from the asylum grounds. The researchers believe the shards belong to what were called Soulstones, special stones used by shamans to heal souls and restore eternal youth.

The Research Laboratory is offering rewards for any shards of the Soulstone.
Do you dare to enter the asylum to look for the shards and solve the mystery of the missing people?


The Collection

The Collection is an interactive and immersive adventure game that will transport you to a bygone age of mystery and curses. You will become the main character in a quest that will lead you to hidden treasures that are not what they seem and the music of the night is just the beginning of the horror that awaits you.

Just as you were about to start your well deserved summer vacation, you receive a Notification of Death letter. Your distant grandfather has sadly passed away and he made YOU as his sole heir. As you arrive to the town of Parkchester to collect your inheritance, you realize that your grandfather was a man of many secrets.

All of grandfather’s belongings will be yours, he only has one wish: You need to finish his Collection.

Suddenly you find yourself in the middle of an unsolved old Victorian mystery. Following the footsteps of a Polish maid you embark on a journey, completing grandfather’s Collection, that piece by piece brings you closer to finding out the horrific truth.

Riches and rewards await, but the real question is:
“Do you dare to waltz in the pale moonlight?”


Watch the Trailer here

What an amazing day! It was a trip you had been dreading, but your friend’s wedding turned out to be a memorable one. You’re driving home, tired, but smiling and laughing to yourself, replaying the favorite moments of the event in your mind. Your head in the clouds, you don’t notice right away the subtle shaking of the car. Suddenly, the shaking turns into violent bucks, smoke curls out from under the hood, and the whole heap starts to lurch out of control.

Snapping out of your reverie, you grab the steering wheel with both hands and white-knuckle it, wrestling the bucking, heaving car to the side of the road, where it crashes to a stop.

Coughing, you stumble out of the mess and look around.

“Where am I?”

You hadn’t really paid much attention to the road signs, but you spot a run-down building with the town’s name painted over its doorway: “Molimo.”

The dusty town is strangely quiet. With no other choice at hand, you wander around, hoping to find help. What you find instead is entirely unexpected ….



BURIED is a mystery game that will take the player into the world of geocaching to solve the mystery of the disappearance of a writer, Lily Morano. With twists and turns a plenty this isn’t just a hunt it’s a full on adventure with the player at the centre of attention.
Lily’s husband, Joshua Morano is offering a $500 000US reward for the first one to find his loving wife. The race is on as people are pouring in to the island of Pierus that used to be a popular camping ground. Grab yourself a boat and explore the group of islands owned by Lily and Joshua to find clues about what might have happened to Lily. Once you find enough information you will start a grid-wide search that will drive you to the edge of frustration.

Are you ready to start, Player?

Scrumptious Sweets

MadPea 2014 Advent Calendar with a whole island made of candy!

Blood Letters

Samantha ‘The Mantis’ Mason is a world renowned serial killer who has been locked away in prison for her brutal slayings. 12 months later, a copycat killer has surfaced and begun using The Mantis’ M.O. which is causing massive panic.

You will assume the role of a Private Investigator
for CheckMate Inc. which specializes in infidelity investigations.

You’ve caught the attention of the sadistic killer and one day
you receive a threatening letter with the Mantis signature.
It’s clear that you’re going to be the next victim…

Will you catch the killer before you’re dead?

New clue
New Location
New Prize

The Green Mire II:
The Gathering

Two boys have been missing for ten years. They vanished into the swamp, without a trace. Now, strange lights and sounds have been observed over the Green Mire swamp, and the believers call out that aliens are returning. Others are sceptical.

It’s up to you to figure out what to believe, in a dangerous place where nothing is quite as it seems. Choose your side, follow the path, the truth is out there.

The Green Mire

Ten years ago two young boys, Tony Lamil and Skip Dares went missing at the Green Mire swamp. A reward is being offered for any information leading to the location and/or safe return of the boys.

The Lost Mine

Professor Peabody has put a help wanted ad in the local newspaper. He claims he’s found the Lost Mine of Stonehammer, kept secret by its creators, full of gold, gems, chalices, and other such wonders. However he has lost the map.

Now he’s asking for adventurers to help him find the map and travel with him through a portal to a magical realm to find the mine once again. The Lost Mine is an interactive and immersive adventure hunt with prizes

A MadCity Christmas

Mad City is full of eerie builds, dark secrets and now Christmas decor! Immerse yourself in a snowy 1940s film noir setting which has been all dressed up for the holidays, explore the shopping district to find the perfect gift, take photos full of holiday cheer and join the various holiday events in the park. Use your skills to master our Advent calendar Mini-Hunt each day to find amazing prizes!

Holidays Havoc Hunt

Caught in a gulf between two ancient forces, our world finds itself on the edge of the fallout between the might of Halloween and Christmas itself! A war threatens to ignite due to the death of a key figure of the world of Christmas. It will require someone with the skill, courage, and wisdom to put a stop to the war and save both Christmas and Halloween. Are you up to the challenge?

Dark Dimension

An old prison island has been converted into a corporate haven of shops, boutiques and corrupt clubs. From the construction team to the sales force, more and more people are mysteriously vanishing daily. The ‘Blue Sky Corporation’ is desperate as tales of a ‘black monster’ are leaking through the rumor mill. They have hired you to get the island back in order – but a secret lurks in the darkness. Do you dare discover the truth of this chilling Halloween grid-wide hunt?.

Lennon Park Massacre

12 teens and 3 camp counselors were found dead in a tragic school bus fire 1 year ago. The bus had just left a summer camp at Lennon Park.
A single teen survivor, Madison Walkner, was able to escape the flames and call 911. The bad publicity closed Lennon Park and the abandoned camp was never investigated, until now.

What really caused such a terrible accident? Follow the clues, study the evidence, and learn the truth behind the Lennon Park Massacre.

Cry of the Peacock

Madame Peacock is back from investigating the mystery of Room 326 and has discovered the shocking truth!

However, not all is lost. She needs the help of a brave detective with a sharp wit to face all odds and free the victims trapped souls. With the help of her tarot cards and your investigative skills, the future looks bright, but what does fate have in store for you?

Mad City

Mad City is full of eerie builds and dark secrets. Immerse yourself in this rainy 1940s film noir setting, explore the shopping district, take photos and join the various events and hunts in the park. The Silent Peacock Hotel stands tall in the North East corner of Mad City. If you dare to enter its room 326, you will join a shocking murder mystery with a storyline that will leave you breathless.

The Key of Hope

This magical adventure sent you exploring across the beautiful Fairelands sims in search of precious ingredients needed to forge a talisman that will grant you safe passage into the Valley of Ish’Nar. Rewards await those that make the long journey! Find us our champions,” she said, “That we may remain safe another century. Call those of heart, and courage, and strength. Send to me those who would stand for what is right, and who do not fear the labor and the pain of that standing. ‘Send me heroes.’

The call was raised, and those of such a stature answered. They came to the Fairelands, to the Junction, and set out upon their quest.

Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior


Ancient Incan stories whisper of a hidden cave in the remote mountains of Ecuador where a vault lay sheltered from the light of day, untouched for centuries. According to legend, the vault is filled with precious gems and unimaginable treasures that are ripe for the taking. Previous explorers have left a map that leads to the place the locals call The Devil’s Cave. Scribbled on the back of the map are notes citing encounters with horrific creatures and deadly traps that guard the cave. Many who have tried to find the treasure returned with terrible injuries, missing limbs, and some never returned at all. However, not everyone is so unfortunate, and that is why we’re offering you the chance of a lifetime.

MadPea Cartographers have deciphered the cryptic treasure map for you. This will not be an easy task, but if you survive and unlock the ancient Incan vault, you will be generously rewarded. Ready for a Treasure Hunt of a lifetime!

Love Potion No.9.9 Hunt

Phinneas Phicklephogg has mastered all the lessons in the Spellmaster’s Guide to Alchemy, 2nd Edition and life has become a monotany of talismans, wards, and curses.

With Love in the air, people are pounding down his door for ways to protect and control the heart, but the one thing he can’t create is True Love in a bottle. Or can he? Join Phinneas’ adventure to brew Love Potion 9.9. Perfection may be overrated but the rewards of True Love never are!

Room 326


The Silent Peacock Hotel has been recently closed for an investigation after 15 people have disappeared from their premises. What the people have in common is that they all have spent a night in Room 326.

It’s a mystery of how this could have happened since the door was locked and there were no signs of struggle or forced entry. All of the personal belongings of the guests have been untouched. The local police has been left clueless.

The players will take the role as private investigators to examine the evidence and search for the truth behind the disappearances.

Enchanted Frost Hunt

A sorcerer, dark in spirit and craft, happened upon the Princess Enid in the forest one day.

So besotted was he by her beauty and compassion he sought to keep her by his side always. To this end, one night while princess Enid slept, he crept into her bed chamber and plucked 15 hairs from her head. With each strand he pulled, he captured one of Enid’s memories of her life before she met him. When Enid awoke, she found herself in a beautiful garden. She had no memory that this was not her home and when she saw the sorcerer, she had no memory that he had stolen her away in the night.
Every morning he comes to visit Enid and every evening he leaves, after spending the day basking in the glow of her kindness and love. Each evening when he leaves, he carefully replaces the lock on the garden gate. An enchanted lock he has fashioned from the strands of hair he plucked from Enid’s head. A lock that has braided her lost memories together and makes it impossible for her to ever remember who she is or who might be missing her. As long as she never finds her lost memories, Enid will stay in the secret garden, locked away from her kingdom. Unable to free them from the frost that has settled over the land in her absence.



Killing & Thrilling Funhouse with rides like you’ve never seen before

The stale smell of the air and the nearly tangible sensation of despair will make you want to turn back before even entering.

Your throat feels tight and eyes are watering, trying their best to adjust to the dustiness. Deep inside you know already that death lurks around here, yet you’re mesmerized and unable to run away. The calls of dancing souls have captured your mind and you feel the sudden urge to dive in to unite with them. What you don’t realize is that, I am and you are, one of them already.
Full of frights and cloaked in shadows, the Carneval stands still, frozen in time. There are whispers and scaretales of its frightening adventures, haunted rides and unparalleled mysteries. Those who seek adventure are encouraged to step right up and prepare for an experience that will leave you begging for more.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Madness.

The Case of Praying Mary

Widow Millar was nicknamed ‘Praying Mary’ due to gruesome killings of three of her husbands and praying next to their dead bodies. Mary denied everything and claimed it was all a misunderstanding. Her motives were never understood. Once Mary was caught during her murderous act towards husband number four, she was sent to the Peatonville Asylum and was locked away in an isolated cell. The number XVIII was engraved over and over on Mary’s cell, but no one has been able to figure out the meaning for it. Mary herself passed away under sinister circumstances in the Peatonville Asylum and the case went cold.

Millar’s abandoned house was long closed from public until it was eventually sold to a family fairly recently. While refurbishing the house, they discovered a hidden journal underneath the planks on the floor. The journal seems to have been written by Mary herself and it describes clearly how Mary did not only kill the three men who married her, but also the 15, who refused her proposal.

The Perfumed Cutlass Hunt

There was a female pirate known as the Perfumed Cutlass for her deadly charm and razor wit. She was as much a lover as she was a fighter and because of this, she lost her heart often. However, with each lover she leaves a piece of her heart, a symbol of her most valuable possession. She leaves them also a piece of her treasure map and a promise she will return. Immerse yourself to the story of the Perfumed Cutlass, find her hidden treasure and be rewarded generously.

Where´s Wraith Wednesdays

Where’s Wraith concept introduced a Pea Story with a challenging puzzle every week in a sponsor location.

Sanity Falls


Welcome to Sanity Falls, a small eerie town, where everything is not quite as it seems.

Meet Alexander Blackwell, a 35-year old psychologist, who came to Sanity Falls with his wife, Livea Blackwell. Alex has been under a lot of stress lately and is on a sick leave to recharge his batteries. Something goes wrong and Alex wakes up on the Sanity Falls bridge, covered in blood, drugged and without a memory of recent events.

He receives a video of his wife being tortured and is blackmailed to steal a large sum of money to get his wife back alive. “What would you do if you lost your most precious…”

As Alex fights the clock ticking down, he realizes that strange things are happening around him and he’s not sure what is real anymore. Who is EE and why are the posters of Livea all over the town. Why doesn’t his home feel his own, why are the items belonging to some other man?

Enter a game that will make you question your sanity. Someone is watching your every move..

The Peatonville Mystery


Peatonville Asylum was built on an isolated island with little contact to the outside world. Top class doctors and staff were hired to treat the most severely mentally damaged patients and a special large grant was assigned to this rehabilitation programme aiming to use new technologies and methods in making the patients fit for society again.

As well as brainwashing, community circles, electric shocks and compassion treatments, the patients had very strict daily routines, compared to the monastery. They were under constant surveillance.
The programme started to show tremendous progress in a short amount of time and more money was invested and donated to assure that the Peatonville Asylum would become the best mental health facility in the country.

However, in November 1943, all 22 residents both patients and staff all vanished without a trace.
The location is believed to be haunted. Peatonville Asylum was never re-opened again.

Following the traces and a journal found in the Asylum, the players learnt about the Soulstone, an ancient artifact full of evil. The journey of discovery led them into the depths of torture and despair beyond wildest nightmares. Once the players successfully managed to get rid of the stone and survive the madness, they were rewarded.

Peaster Castle

Deadly Cartoon castle full of puzzles to solve in order to complete this grid-wide hunt.

Dark Room Hunt

The Book of Ghosts has been around for centuries.. it contains the most famous stories of hauntings all over the grid. Many of the ghosts have been spotted before, but no one has managed to catch them on film. Equipped with our special Camera, the players needed to find the ghosts based on the clues of the Book of Ghosts.
Once they had captured the ghost, they had to dare to enter the Dark Room and prove those ghosts existed. Successful players got rewarded very generously.

Dead Man’s Hand Hunt

The game began from a mysterious house of a notorious serial killer. Players had to investigate the crime scene and search the house and surroundings for clues.
The killer kept all his 52 victims in the house for a certain period of time and each of them had left something behind that gave a hint where they have been buried. Once all bodies were found, the players would find a conclusion to the story.


Live the Story

Do you remember how your mother or father used to tell you bedtime stories and how nice it felt? Go back to the childhood and live the folktales from different nations through our immersive Storybook.

You could enjoy the world of folktales with our virtual Storybook. The beautiful scenes from stories would rez around you for you to explore while you were listening to the story.

The Virtual Medical Doctor


Virtual Medical Doctor is the futuristic role-playing game, that gives the players a great way to experience the human body through interesting tasks as well teaches medicine in a fun and exciting way.
Guided by the Poseidon robots you will take command of one of the three different designs of Cheiron modules and be miniaturized so that you can take samples and perform surgery from within a human body. Tumbling around as you are swept along, you must anchor your module and perform tasks requiring increasing levels of skill as you manipulate the controls as fast as possible to save the life of your patient. Although the game is for entertainment it is based on real medical scenarios. While it is not designed as an educational tool it will hopefully increase your medical knowledge.

To make sure everyone gets the required skills to perform surgeries, we have set up several training areas giving accurate information in an entertaining way. This game is also suitable to those who are completely new to Second Life and it is playable in six different languages.

Can you literally stomach the stomach on this truly immersive and interactive adventure that pushes the limits?

Hoshi Island


Hoshi Island was a place of cartoon madness with theme park rides, Escape the rooms, Crystal hunt, Pea Farm, small solo and multiplayer games, bumper boats and events for the large community.

Joe´s Box

Puzzle game discovering the secret life of Joe.

Lost Souls Hunt

Large Grid-wide hunt saving lost souls taking people to the Devil’s Labyrinth.

Evil Inheritance

Evil Inheritance was our creepy Halloween House where all the good things suddenly turned evil in the mirrored universe and in the end you burnt it all down.

Mad Mushroom Hunt

After the huge success of our large grid-wide hunts, we followed the same pattern and hid mushrooms this time!

Duck Hunt Season


In July we were literally hunting ducks with funny weapons. Sometimes even boxing with them! Check out this video of what you had to do in one vendor location:

The Madpea Hunt

The MadPea Hunt in June 2010 was the start of our large grid-wide hunts with many locations.

Devil’s Labyrinth


The Devil himself returned, lured you into Hell and trapped you there. Not only did you have to find your way out from the depths of the Underworld, you had to collect items to advance, slay the Evil, solve puzzles and make sure you didn’t die with the various traps.

Truly immersive and scary adventure that kept the players returning over and over again during the several years of its existence.

MadPea Circus

Circus where the demons roam at night


Legend tells of an island whose location and civilization was unknown to the common man. Food was scarce and the islanders were struggling. They needed to travel further to the other islands to search of supplies. They found a mysterious island nearby, rich with food, fresh water and plants. They migrated there, building their homes. Until they stumbled across an ancient cave leading deep into the underworld. Their curiosity was fatal to them. Accidentally playing with the ancient artifacts they raised hell and opened the gate to the labyrinth. The Demons escaped and massacred the village, leaving the ground cursed and demolished, and the gate open. Most of the island was burnt to crisp.
The animals from the woods that survived, came and fed on the remains of the dead bodies. Their young were mutated into something horrible, many generations later real beasts were born, bound to the underworld. Highly intelligent and extremely demonic animals roamed the islands at certain times, searching for pure souls to feed on.

A few decades later a group of expeditioners discovered the island and were fascinated by it. It was isolated and beautiful. It had vegetation that was unheard of. They went back to collect more people to inhabit the island, building it up, eventually setting up a glorious Circus to celebrate. Not much time passed, until strange things started happening. People were disappearing, sightings of beasts were reported. They started to keep track of the things, writing it all down. They captured some terrible creatures and placed them on the freakshow in the Circus. One young woman started seeing visions, signs everywhere. She managed to convince a few followers of the evil lurking around. They created potions and spells to combat them. Those few managed to escape before Malum opened again. They passed the story on to generations, wrote more protective spells. Not many believed them, but those who did, kept the secrets and the diaries safe.

The Island was never found again. Until.. now..

Notes from the Voyage

Notes from the Voyage is an educational and fun game about the travels of Charles Darwin that was created by MadPea Productions for the Nature Publishing Group and MacMillan Publishers’ Elucian Island.

Year 2009 marked two important landmarks in science; the bicentennial of Charles Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of his seminal work, On The Origin of Species. The game was planned together with the client to celebrate these important milestones. MPP created a HUD that looked like Darwin’s Notebook. The players also had a toolbag and compass to help them on their way to solve the puzzles.

The storyline and tasks were designed with the client and integrated into their island. Client’s wishes were implemented on each task and MPP provided assistance on the general handling of SL interface.


Interactive Chemistry 101 game – Reaction, was created for Sigma-Aldrich. The game was split into 8 working stations that were spread around the several company sims. Reaction was the first game, where we were using a fully interactive HUD that would rez items in-world, animate the player and keep a track of the players’ progress on our website.

The game was designed to be a fun way to learn chemistry. You would receive ingredients by grinding bones to dust or taking a hammer and smashing up jewellery and glasses for example.
In the end you had everything needed to produce fireworks and have a fancy display to celebrate your completion of the game.

The Kaaos Effect


The Kaaos Effect is a truly compelling and immersive adventure created by MadPea Productions for Orange. The interactive journey through time gets the player sucked into an experience, where being lost is a lot of fun.

MPP created the storyline and used subtle advertisement for the client on the theme based on communications, as well as on bonus items. The clever way of building the game using holodecks saved a lot of space both on prims and scripts, keeping the location lag free and the experience therefore smooth for players. The handling of the game was done mainly via HUD (heads-up display) that stored all the information and objects needed in the game. It also handled the transition process between the time eras. All the sounds, voiceovers, building, graphics, logos, animations, interaction with website and in-world advertising was done by MPP.

Mad Mines

Mad Mines was a fun underwater adventure where you had to gear up with a unique scuba kit to dive in. Avoiding the evil sea life and exploding mines would lead you to finding the treasure with a generous reward.

Swamp Hotel


On the 7th of August seven people vanished from the Swamp Hotel… but not without a trace. Players needed to unravel the mystery of that mass disappearance by finding out about the guests and their activities and preparing themselves for a shocking surprise involving zombies.



Firefly was a haunting love story of a lucid dreamer who has lost the love of her life. By living the dream that has turned into a nightmare, the players would find clues and solve puzzles to discover the secrets eventually leading into an unforgettable discovery.

Mad Mission

Mad Mission was a sponsored monthly puzzle game event with big prizes. The puzzles were very challenging and it would take people days to complete them.



Within was a secret organization and the sequel to Zodiac Killer. Almost like an alternate reality game, clues were left behind to find the best, sharpest and fastest players.

They were being recruited as new agents to prepare for a war against the aliens, who already were within us. The players had to survive lethal testing rooms and find the Mayan temple to gain knowledge to what was becoming.

Zodiac Killer


MadPea’s first game was called Zodiac Killer, an adventure where a letter from a mysterious person claiming to have killed twelve people had left the police clueless.

The players had to solve ciphers and puzzles to find the trail of bodies left in caskets. Each of them had been left with a mysterious zodiac necklace that was a key to a secret underground location, where ZK was allegedly hiding.
Once the players found their way to to the location, all that was remaining was a hand with a ring. The ending was a cliffhanger that kept the players begging for more. They didn’t have to wait for long, before the sequel to ZK, Within was launched.

Jungle Princess Rescue

Kiana’s first game alone was a puzzle quest to save the Jungle Princess. After that she was sure this is what she really wanted to do and started to build a team around her to grow bigger with the games.

SURVIVE! Karas Cove

Based on the TV show ‘Survivor’ two teams were trying to compete in physical and mental challenges on a daily basis to outwit, outsmart and outlast each other.

Where the Hell is Harvey Wayne?

Before MadPea we were known as Beyond Imagination and brought our first game out in February 2008 called Where the Hell is Harvey Wayne? aka Terror Asylum. It was one of the rare grid-wide hunts back in the day, leading to a full sim with puzzles and ciphers to solve.