Everyone knows that MadPea offers all sorts of cool experiences in Second Life.  Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for friends, a quirky item for your home, or a brilliant activity to fill an afternoon, MadPea has the answer.

Most famously of all, we are known for our games and hunts but, because we offer such a great choice, what you actually get can be confusing. We also sometimes hear “HOW much for a game HUD?!  But there are lots of free hunts out there!”.  So it’s important to understand what we offer.

Nightmare in New Orleans is one of our most popular current big games

The difference

Our games are immersive and interactive, run over several months. They have a carefully planned storyline which leads the player through a series of locations. MadPea storylines are often dark and creepy because, hey, that’s the way we roll! The locations are meticulously planned and dressed to enable the player to really get into the story, to make it even more exciting. Usually, puzzles have to be solved or items located to enable the player to progress.

Our hunts are fun activities, usually themed, which run for just a few weeks and are suitable for all the family.  Unsurprisingly, the action centres around finding items (such as cute monsters or eggs), devilishly hidden across the Second Life Grid.  A player can hunt for as long as they like, but the more items collected, the greater the rewards.  Hunting is also great with friends as there is usually a LOT of ground to cover!

A classic MadPea Hunt from Spring 2019

Don’t forget we also like to mix it up at MadPea, so we sometimes offer other experiences too!  For example, The Rising of the Witch is a shorter, smaller game with hunt elements, and a perfect introduction to MadPea for those nervous about starting a big game.  These tend to be a little easier on the pocket than our big games, but not around as long, so keep your eyes peeled for notices!

The rewards

The rewards you get when playing a MadPea game are many.  When you pick up a MadPea game HUD, you know you are buying many hours of exciting gameplay in beautifully crafted locations.  Absorb the story, meet the characters and work out what you have to do to progress – that electric buzz of joy you get when something clicks into place and you have solved a puzzle or a game area can’t be underestimated.  Clues and hints are provided as you go along, and often supplementary equipment found in gacha machines can help too.  Players who complete our games receive quality souvenir prizes and stacks of Achievement Points to push you up the Leaderboard, too.

The rewards of a hunt are a little different – and if you are purely a prize-oriented player, maybe this is the experience for you.  Yes, it’s brilliant fun to seek and find fiendishly hidden items, especially when you are playing with friends, but the biggest reward from MadPea hunts is the large range of exclusive, original and fabulously themed prizes.  Achievements are also offered for dedicated hunters, so don’t forget to collect your extra Achievement prizes if you level up while hunting!

Look out for this classification on our games. It gives helpful information, including details of prizes and Achievements! (This is the classification for The Green Mire game)

The costs

It’s hardly rocket-science to work out that it takes a LOT of time and skill to create a MadPea game.  First, you need to build a story that can realistically translate into Second Life.  You need a whole crew of talented builders, designers and scripters to bring the story to life.  Sales, marketing and customer service staff make sure that our Peas have all the information and support they need.  And the games need land on which to be built.

Hunts are a little less labour intensive in that they use sims across the whole grid.  They still require a perfectly designed and scripted HUD though, and we still need to let Peas know about the hunt and support them as they are playing.  Our hunt prizes are top-quality original mesh items exclusive to MadPea which need to be designed, built, textured and scripted.

At the time of writing and for several years now, the price of a full MadPea game HUD is 1,000$L.  Opinions obviously vary, but when you account for the time and talent that goes into creating a MadPea game, it really is brilliant value for money.  (It’s about the price of a single muppa-cuppa-frosty-fluffachino coffee where I live – AND I don’t have to scoop the sprinkles off a MadPea game!)  If you still aren’t convinced, have a read of one of our older blog posts, Why Pay To Play?  which gives a little more detail.  Or – for those on a tighter Second Life budget – our Hunts and smaller experiences might be a preferred option.

Our newest big game, The Green Mire, has two paths to play – the HUD for each path only costs 500 $L!

Have fun!

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