Get Involved in the MadPea Mad Easter Egg Hunt

As a child Easter egg hunts were something to look forward to all year. Chocolates and Cadbury’s, fun and searching for goodies – it was Spring’s version of Christmas! Well, this year MadPea is getting in on that action in the style we’re best known for: Mad hunting, of course.

And we want you to be part of the magic of MadPea’s Mad Easter Egg Hunt!

This is just a few of the eggs hunters can find to win points and prizes.

Here’s how it works:

The hunt runs from April 4 – April 18. Shops and sims (photo sims, clubs and more!) can purchase and hide eggs that are worth differing amounts of points. Hunters can get a HUD to use to gather these eggs and collect points with each egg they find. At the end, hunters can take their points to the Mad Egg Factory and redeem them for prizes! Everyone can get involved, it’s all inclusive… Anyone who wants to participate can! Points, prizes, MadPeas and hunting, how could anyone not love that?

For shops or sims, the idea is to purchase these eggs from 3 categories and hide them wherever they wish. The MadPea website will track regions with hidden eggs and hunters can TP around to search for them.

  • “Eggcellents” last 24 hours once rezzed and cost $L500 (worth 10 points to hunters)
  • “Eggceptionals” last 48 hours once rezzed and cost $750 (worth 25 points to hunters)
  • “Eggsquisites” last 72 hours once rezzed and cost $1000 (worth 50 points to hunters)

You can also buy bundles of eggs in baskets and save $L!

  • “Eggciting Basket” contains 5 Eggcellents and costs $2000L (you save $500L)
  • “Eggstravaganza Basket” contains 3 Eggsquisites and costs $2500L (you save $500L)
  • “Sweet Eggscape Basket” contains 5 Eggceptionals and costs $3000L (you save $750L)
  • “Great Eggspectations Basket” contains 3 Eggcellents, 2 Eggceptionals and 1 Eggsquisite and costs $3500L (you save $500L)
  • “Eggoholic’s Basket” contains 10 Eggcellents, 5 Eggceptionals and 5 Eggsquisites and costs $10,000L (you save $3750L)


Eggoholic's Basket

The really awesome thing for the stores and landowners that get involved is our MadPea in-world group has nearly 14,000 Peas, plus we have a significant presence on social media. That’s a lot of people that could be running through stores, photo sims, clubs or other places you’d like them to discover while trying to find eggs. And our Peas love to shop. I know I’d be one of them – who doesn’t like a good Easter egg hunt mixed with the option of shopping in some amazing stores?!?

Ready to join us? Stop by the MadPea Mainstore to buy eggs any time from March 26, or buy eggs via marketplace.

We asked a few of our consistent collaborators why they think working with MadPea in things like this is beneficial.

That’s simple! When I started working with MadPea, I did notice a traffic increase in my store. MadPea has a great coverage with the in-world group and social media, this has been helping a lot to get more brand awareness. The result is great sales! – Nanda Marjeta, Chez Moi


Why work with MadPea? Because it is wonderful to be part of a team that cares not only about presenting great products, but is committed to giving top-quality fun to the people who play second life, have a caring and educated staff when dealing with creators and bloggers, and Matter with their social role in the world collaborating with support entities such as MadPea International Food. It is gratifying, fun and proud to be a part of it. As creator and as Blogger. – Big Bad Bear (guilhermedandretti), Come Soon Poses

MadPea’s Mad Egg Hunt is really a great opportunity for all involved. Shops and land owners get traffic and hoards of Peas coming through their areas, the Peas and players get points and prizes. Everyone has some great old fashioned Easter egg fun! Well, maybe new-fashioned fun. Just a new mad twist on a fun holiday tradition!




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