On April 30th, 2017 the Peas went on an exPEAdition to Glass Jars by Art Oluja . The sim is mostly underwater so many Peas chose to come dressed for a swim.

A lovely mer-couple and myself.

An inner tube and re-breather help this Pea navigate the deep waters of Glass Jars, while another Pea has a chat on her exPEAdition phone.

Our mission was to help a young girl recover her memories. She had used a bit of witchcraft to rid herself of painful ones, and lost her good memories in the process. The Peas were tasked with finding glass teardrops containing the memories and returning them to a cauldron so she could perform a restorative spell.

Looks like this Mermaid found a memory.

Once all 10 memories were placed in the cauldron the Peas received an achievement worth 50 points, and a vintage diving helmet perfect for future underwater adventures.

These Peas got their achievements at the same time.

I had a chance to speak to the sim owner after the exPEAdition and this is what she had to say,

“Thank you so much . It really took me by surprise how many people came over and everyone,  especially MadPea members,  were so positive and sweet. I really loved the experience, and I’m so happy you reached out to me.”  – Art Oluja

If you missed the exPEAdition, don’t worry. We will have another one coming soon. If you are a sim owner and are interested in hosting an exPEAdition, please send a notecard to hollowgirl78. We would love to visit your sim!

Some MadPea group members showing off their exPEAdition prizes.