Are you ready for something just a little bit… Extra? How about an experience of the luxe and elite? Imagine a red carpet rolling out, spotlights swimming in the background, the sound of a crowd full of adoring fans as celebrity after celebrity rolls up in sleek black limos to step out in fine silks, sharply tailored suits, diamond studded stilettos, and heavy gold jewelry that shines in the light of flashing cameras. The atmosphere is thick with tension and hope as the crowd begins to buzz about who will go home with an award tonight – after all it’s only the biggest night of the year – move aside Emmys, so long Oscar, Grammy who? It’s time for the Golden Pea awards!  

And now for the best part – this whole night rests on your shoulders. That’s right. No pressure or anything.  As an employee of Masterson & Co. elite security it is your job to collect the award envelopes from their secure locations and safely transport them to the ceremony. As the cameras roll and the world watches with anticipation, the fate of tonight’s star studded award show is in your hands.

This is a MadPea Premium Members hunt, beginning March 5 at 12pm and running through to the 31st. To get started head down to the Premium Headquarters in Mad City – don’t worry, we’ll link you a lm down below- and get your HUD from the Golden Pea Awards hunt vendor.  Prizes include exclusive items from Ex Machina, Little Branch, Inner Demons, Elle Boutique, Bella Elephante, Dahlia, The Green Door, Fantavatar & Moonstruck, Serenity Style and The Half Moon Market. So many amazing prizes from so many amazing designers! It truly is an event of epic proportions.



This chandelier by The Green Door will add a touch of luxurious elegance to any room.


Everyone is a star with the Celebrities Backdrop by Serenity Style!


Make your own Award Night dreams come true with the Award Night Floor Lamps by Fantavatar & Moonstruck


Gold is the color of splendor – Let all your friends know who the real winner is with his chic wall decor by Ex Machina.


Glitz and Glamour isn’t complete without diamonds. Elle Boutique offers a beautiful pair of unisex earrings that will compliment any occasion like icing on a cake.


Be your own super star with Dahlia’s red velvet rope kit. Keep away those pesky paparazzi by drawing the line… in red velvet.



You simply aren’t luxe until you have a gold plated ice bucket filled with champagne. Thankfully the Half Moon Market is aware of this.



When your glam comes with a little grit. Don’t you worry, get inked up with this edgy Hollywood tattoo that will let everyone know you’re always a little bit rock and roll.

Find your HUD right here! Not a Premium Member? You can join at the kiosk right here also! 

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