Halloween is fast approaching and due to the great success of last year’s Ghost Hunt we decided to twist things up a little bit more and LET THE MONSTERS LOOSE this year!  Get ready for two weeks filled with spooktacular madness of monsters, weapons, Trick or Treat, prizes, amazing locations, achievements, rewards and much more! 

Don’t worry if you haven’t played any of our hunts before. Everyone’s starting from scratch and you’ll be all working together as one big team to unlock amazing prizes! Every Pea is able to join this hunt either as a fearless Monster Hunter or a Sneaky Monster Hider…or why not both?


How to hunt?

The madness begins on the 20th of October when the hidden restless Monsters will start roaming around the grid and sending their signal to our website! They DO NOT want to be found and especially don’t want to be CAPTURED! We will equip you with a special HUD that will help you to find them and give you an option of different weapons to use to knock them out and vehicles for going faster from one place to another! 

When you find a Monster, you will earn points that you can exchange for awesome exclusive prizes. The more Monsters you find, the more prizes you’ll receive. Some Monsters will drop some keys you can use to open doors in our creepy Dungeon to discover surprises! With the points you earn you’ll get on our leaderboard, where top 3 Monster Hunters will be rewarded extra points daily!

That’s not all though!

During this hunt you have a chance to take the cute and spooky Monsters home with you by using our very special Build-A-Monster device!


MadPea Premium Group members will have exclusive items to win and use in this hunt.

MadPea’s Halloween Monster Hunt for Store / Location owners

We are inviting all store and location owners to become part of this spooktacular Halloween event. Everyone has a chance to get involved and lure the hunters to your location with the Monsters! Monsters will be out for sale for locations soon!


Mark the dates of  20th of October till 3rd of November to join the biggest Halloween hunt on the grid!