Happy New Year from MadPea!

Happy New Year! As one year comes to an end, a new year begins – and with it will bring new experiences, new friendships and lots of new fun to be had at MadPea (can we say hello Mad World?!). New Year isn’t just about the year ahead of us, it’s also about taking a moment to reflect on the year behind us. As we take a look back at all the great things that happened this year at MadPea, let’s talk about some of our favorite New Year’s Resolutions!

What a lovely place to be when it’s snowing outside

Resolution Number One – Treat Yourself! Our Frosty Retreat is perfect for those self indulgent moments that just need to be all about YOU!  You could have won this in our Enchanted Toy Christmas Hunt this year.  Otherwise why not check out January’s ‘Champagne Wishes’ themed Deco(c)rate – it is sure to delight!

Because who /hasn’t/ always wanted to live in a shoe?

Resolution Number 2 – Let yourself be a kid again! Our Once Upon A Boot gacha is the perfect opportunity for you to shed your responsibilites and inhibitions and run around the playground like you used to do. Race ya!

All the cool kids vape.

Resolution Number Three – QUIT SMOKING! What would new year be without that promise to ourselves? MadPea makes it easy on you with our fantastic bento animated vape pen gacha! What’s your vape?


Resolution Number Four – Be a pirate…. That’s all.

Is this what they call glamping?

Resolution Number Five – Go on vacation! Or well, pretend you’re going on vacation with our Haida Gwaii Adventure set. All of the thrill and fun of camping without having to actually go outdoors! I call that winning.

Don’t be the body… don’t be the body… don’t be the body…

Resolution Number 6 – Solve a murder, and also, don’t die. You can do both with our stand alone Escape Room – The Bunker game… or can you?

It’s a mystery! It’s a box! It’s a puzzle! It’s a Mybozzle!

Resolution Number 7 – Play more games. Like our Mystery Case games. They’re a lot of fun.

I dare you to get out alive!

Resolution Number Eight – Become more enlightened. Reexamine your moral standing by taking a closer look at the Seven Deadly Sins with Seven – Or! Forget all about your moral standing and still play Seven. You do you!

Scooter Power!

Resolution Number Nine – Exercise! I know, I know… But like smoking it’s a resolution list prerequisite. At least with MadPea you can do it with a fancy pink unicorn helmet.

Old is the new… new.

Resolution Number Ten – Out with the old and in with the new! Or do what we do and keep the old because it’s going to be super stylish and retro in a few years anyways, just like our Retro Audio Set. Mix tape anyone?

MadPea wishes you all a very happy New Year as we resolve to continue bringing you the variety of amazing games and products, but more and better! Great things are coming our way in 2018 and we are so happy to have you here along for the adventure.

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