A mysterious organization known only as “The Collective” seeks to take over the world in a time where crime is at an all-time high. When little hope is left in the world, you are the one they call!

Become an MBI Agent and work to stop The Collective in MadPea’s first grid-wide interactive adventure hunt.  Discover cryptic clues, valuable treasures, and amazing prizes in your mission to save the world from evil. Agents of Mystery runs from June 22 to August 17.

Getting Started

From Monday June 22, simply pick up a FREE Game HUD from the MadPea main store. If you are a member of MadPea Premium be sure to choose the FREE Premium edition for an extra boost. Attach the HUD and accept permissions.

Visit the Madpea Mainstore to get your FREE Game HUD!


Welcome to the team Agent. It’s your job to search for clues and learn what the Collective is up to. Use the Scan button and radar on your HUD to search participating sims for Intelligence. They look like the items shown below. You will earn mystery miles for everything you collect, but your battery will slowly drain. Once the battery reaches below 5% you will be unable to collect anymore Intelligence. The battery will recharge over time or you can use the recharge station at MBI HQ to charge it to 100% instantly using 100 Madpoints. It costs 100L for 400 Madpoints. That’s enough for 4 full charges!

Mystery Miles and Leaderboard

You never know what you will find in your search. You can earn between 5 and 50 mystery miles per a piece of Intelligence. Your Mystery Miles are your overall score and can be tracked on the Agents of Mystery leader board when the feature is live. Watch group notices for the latest info. The top 5 Agents of the week will be recognized at MBI HQ.

View the Agents of Mystery Leaderboard



As you conduct your search for Intelligence and earn mystery miles you will find yourself back at Mad City. Track down any criminals you discover and follow the clue to find the calling card of The Collective. If you touch it at the right location the criminal should appear. Capture them and the police will handle the rest. Every criminal you turn in is worth one medal. You can spend your medals on rewards at MBI HQ. A new supply of rewards is available every week and will be available for the duration of the hunt.


To become an Official MBI Agent you will need to earn all of the achievements over the course of the 8 week period of us hiring new recruits. Not everyone will make it and it will be a true test of skill to earn the badge. You earn achievements just by searching for Intelligence and capturing criminals. There are 26 achievements to earn and 4 more if you are a MadPea Premium member. You can view your achievements on the Player Portal.

Bi-Weekly Mystery

To solve the mystery every 2 weeks you will need to pay close attention to the clues you find and see how they connect. Follow your instincts where they may lead and when in doubt seek the help of your fellow agents. We recommend saving your local chat logs to revisit clues or writing down any that look suspicious. Those that succeed will have the opportunity to come face to face with a villain of The Collective and capture them for good earning themselves an achievement!

Every 2 weeks there is a new mystery which includes a new villain and different clues!

MadPea Premium

Now is the perfect time to join MadPea Premium and enjoy the game bonuses we have to offer for our most supportive players. For Agents of Mystery the Premium HUD recharges twice as fast as the regular HUD meaning less time waiting and more time hunting. Premium members also have access to an exclusive achievement every 2 weeks of the hunt to earn even more achievement points! Watch MadPea Premium group notices for details!

Week 1 Rewards

Week 2 Rewards

Week 3 Rewards

Week 4 Rewards

Agents of Mystery FAQ

Can I buy Intelligence for my land?

Yes, Intelligence can be purchased at the MadPea Mainstore and on Marketplace.

Help! I don’t have access/don’t want to go to a location that’s rated adult. How can I avoid them?

Each time you click on the Scan button to get a location you can see the location rating and choose which ones you want to visit.

Help! I found some Intelligence that isn’t working. What now?

Before reporting faulty Intelligence, please check the following:

Make sure the Intelligence belongs to Agent’s of Mystery hunt (check the chart).

Have you muted the owner of the Intelligence? If so, the Intelligence won’t react to you.

Are you close enough to the Intelligence? You have to be close to it.

Are scripts allowed on the parcel you’re on? If not, please contact our Customer Support and we’ll message the owner.

Help! I can’t enter a location, what do I do?

MadPea is not responsible for the locations. Anyone can buy Intelligence to rez on their land.

If you can’t enter a region, you should contact the owner to solve the issue yourself, MadPea can’t help you.

We suggest you click the Scan button to go to a different location.

Possible reasons for not being able to enter a region:
You are banned.
The region you’re trying to enter requires payment info on file.
The region might be offline.
You don’t have moderate or adult regions enabled.

I teleported to a region that is supposed to have Intelligence, but my radar isn’t showing them. What do I do?

First check if there are scripts allowed on the parcel you’re on. If not, please contact our Customer Support and we’ll message the owner.
The Intelligence may have also recently expired too. Use the Scan button for a new location.

My radar is showing Intelligence in the region, but I don’t see them?

It could be that the Intelligence recently expired. Click on the radar and it will refresh. The radar blip will show an up or down arrow if the Intelligence is above or below you.

I have a question that’s not answered here.

First, try our MadPeas group chat in-world, you might get your answer fastest there or you can contact our Customer Support.

Agents of Mystery RULES

No Griefing

The environments you are visiting do not belong to MadPea Productions. They belong to the respective vendors. Thus, do not grief their customers, visitors, members or residents. Do not break their posted rules.
Unless otherwise instructed to do so, do not rez or lay any objects from your inventory at any of the locations you will visit in the game.


We are aware that Second Life has its own issues that we can not control, such as location logouts, reboots, or lagging and crashing. Should anything happen beyond our control that disrupts or halts the hunt, we will announce it via group notice at the first possible opportunity, providing further instructions relevant to the issue.

Refrain from Bad Sportsmanship

Do not harass other hunters, do not instigate conflicts, and if you get stuck, do not whine and complain in group chat. Doing any of these actions will result in your revocation of your chat rights.

Don’t give Spoilers in Group Chat

You are allowed to communicate in group chat and help each other out.

You are however NOT allowed to give out direct slurls to Intelligence nor talk about the participating locations or fellow hunters in a negative manner. Please refrain from discussing clues and solutions to the weekly mystery in chat. Use IM’s to communicate with those wanting help.

Please make sure to read and understand the rules and concept of this hunt before you start hunting. There are no refunds.