The Adventure Starts April 27, 2015


What an amazing day! It was a trip you had been dreading, but your friend’s wedding turned out to be a memorable one. You’re driving home, tired, but smiling and laughing to yourself, replaying the favorite moments of the event in your mind. Your head in the clouds, you don’t notice right away the subtle shaking of the car. Suddenly, the shaking turns into violent bucks, smoke curls out from under the hood, and the whole heap starts to lurch out of control.

Snapping out of your reverie, you grab the steering wheel with both hands and white-knuckle it, wrestling the bucking, heaving car to the side of the road, where it crashes to a stop.

Coughing, you stumble out of the mess and look around.

“Where am I?”

You hadn’t really paid much attention to the road signs, but you spot a run-down building with the town’s name painted over its doorway: “Molimo.”

The dusty town is strangely quiet. With no other choice at hand, you wander around, hoping to find help. What you find instead is entirely unexpected ….


Choose Your Package

To play this game, you will need to purchase one of the packages below. There are three different levels of play:

  • Bronze Pea Game Pass for 400L gets you the HUD, basic shield and orange uniform.

  • Silver Pea Game Pass for 750L gets you the HUD, double shield, white uniform, and silver lock pick for an axe which will enable you to unlock an axe within the game.

  • Gold Pea Game Pass for 500L gets you the HUD, triple shield, uniform in three colors, silver and gold lock pick which will enable you to unlock an axe and pistol.

Pick your level of play and pay the vendor at the MadPea Base.

Once you have chosen your pass and purchased it, attach the HUD. It will appear in the top left side of your screen.

This game has been optimized for use using the most current versions of the Firestorm Viewer or official SL Viewer.


Before beginning, please note:

  • While any sized avatar can play the game, because this game uses motion capture animations for immersion, the animations are designed for average sized human avatars.

  • Some AOs may override in-game animations. If you are not seeing animations when you interact with game elements in UNIA, please turn off your AO.

  • For fullest immersion, make sure you allow the region Windlight to set the correct atmosphere for you. All game scenarios have been made with a special Windlight in mind.

  • Also for the purposes of immersion, be sure to enable sounds. This game is rich with voiceovers and environmental sounds.

  • It is advised that you set your viewers to a draw distance of 256 meters. Please note, that for some players, this may also increase lag. If you feel increasing draw distance to this level is a drawback rather than a benefit, feel free to reduce it to the level you feel most comfortable with.

  • For best graphical experience, please also be sure to set your Level of Detail (LOD) value to 4.0. This should not noticeably affect lag, but if it does, feel free to adjust accordingly:

For Firestorm:

  • 1.) Click on the Firestorm “Quick Preferences” icon, located toward the bottom right of your viewer window;

  • 2.) In the Quick Preferences window, slide the LOD (Level of Distance Factors) slider up to 4.

For more on LOD settings in the Second Life Viewer:
Second Life Wiki: LOD


There is a “jump-scare” aspect to this game.
DO NOT DETACH YOUR HUD while you play the game. Removing the HUD while on sim will result in your being sent home.

Finally, be sure to enable mouselook controls. Here’s how:

  • 1.) Go to Avatar > Preferences.

  • 2.) In that window, click on the “Move & View” tab.

  • 3.) In the bottom half of that window, make sure that “Enable Mouselook functionality” is checked. Set up your mouselook options as you are most comfortable. However, because your weapons work only in mouselook, you must make sure this feature is enabled.

  • 4.) Next, click on the “Chat” tab. At the bottom of this window, set up your “Pressing letter keys” options as pictured below:

  • 5.) Be sure to save your settings by clicking “Apply” then “OK.”

Once you have attached the HUD, be sure to give it permission to teleport you. Without this capability, the HUD will not work as intended:

Because this is a point-and-click adventure, it is important for you to do just that: Explore the areas you are in, and click on objects that you encounter. This game also has NPCs. Be sure to find them and click on them to activate.

To use items you find and get in game, you may wear the wearable items by clicking on the image of the one(s) you want to use on the HUD.

To unwear the items from your HUD, click on the image of the item again.

To use the weapons you find, be sure to enter mouselook. Follow the instructions above to make sure you have mouselook controls enabled.

For instructions on using mouselook in SL’s official viewer in Firestorm, please follow the links below:

SL Viewer



While exploring UNIA, you may encounter less than friendly creatures. Bravely run away or battle to the last breath.

It might be wise to pick up melee and/or range weapons. These vary in effectiveness depending on the target.

Your health level also depends on damage received when you are the target. Mouselook mode (‘M’) is required for active weapons use.

Some monsters have been known to drop health packs, armor and even ammunition; collect these if you can! Picking up in-game armor will add to your shield rating, which helps absorb damage (while it lasts).


The graphic above shows the function of the different parts of the HUD.

Once you have purchased your HUD package, find it in your inventory. Right click on the HUD and choose “Add.” It will appear in the upper right corner of your viewer.

When the HUD has first been attached, you will be asked to grant it permission to teleport you. Be sure to click “yes” or the HUD will not work as intended.

The UNIA HUD is required during game play, except at the entry area. If are not wearing a HUD or detach it you may be sent Home.You must use the HUD and other in-game features to move around and teleport. Landmark or map-based teleports are not allowed.

PLEASE NOTE: The HUD makes use of the new “Experience Key” tool. This simply makes it so that you are required to give the UNIA HUD permission once to do things like teleport your avatar, and attache objects like weapons to your avatar (For more on how the HUD works, please see below).

More information about Experience Keys can be found here:
Check Out Experience Keys in the Cornfield!

SHIELD: You may have purchased a package that included shielding, or you might find some as you play the game. The shield icon shows the status of your shield.

HEALTH: The health icon is the person in the large square part of the HUD. The greener the person, the better your health status. Don’t let your health go down to 0%, or you will die! As you explore in the game, you will find health boosters and ways to increase your health.

HOME ICON: Teleports your avatar to the game starting point.

COMPASS ICON: Return to exploring.

POINTS: As you complete in-game actions like solving puzzles, locating items, and fighting monsters, you will gain points.Your Total Score is the number of points you have acquired overall (Active Points + Points Redeemed). NOTE: You may have to complete objectives that advance the storyline before you can access specific prizes.

While most achievements only reward you with points once, monster kills can rack up additional points. But be careful! Getting killed can result in a loss of points.

Once you have completed the game, you will have an opportunity to redeem the points for prizes which have been provided by our collaborators.

INVENTORY: While going through the story, you should attempt to pick up items that will help you progress through the game. The top bar will show the recently acquired and actively held objects. The held objects will be highlighted. Items you successfully pick up will appear along the top of your viewer, in the HUD inventory.

Clicking on the “Expand Inventory” button will show all items that you have collected.

To “wear” items in your inventory (like weapons, for example), click on the item’s image in the HUD. You must agree to give that item permission to attach and animate your avatar in order to work properly.

To detach items that you have put on, simply click on that item again in your HUD.


We’ve placed two crates in the game for you to find that can only be unlocked with the Silver and Gold lockpick items that are included in their respective game passes.

  • Silver Pea Pass holders will be able to locate a crate that unlocks the Axe.

  • Gold Pea Pass holders will be able to locate two locked crates– both the crate containing the Axe, and the crate containing a Gold Pea Pass exclusive item, the Pistol!

  • To claim your items: Right click and ‘add’ the token item that was included in your game package. The token will appear in your hand. Click on it, and your bonus items will be added to your game HUD.

Make sure you’re on the lookout for your loot! You didn’t expect us to make it too easy for you, did you?


It is important to note that it is possible to die in game. There are various ways that this can happen, some of which include:

During gameplay. So, make sure you quickly find a weapon, and take advantage of whatever the package you purchased might have in it to help you out!
Flying is not allowed. Attempting to fly will result in your death.
Double-click teleporting kills.
Detaching and reattaching your HUD on the sim also kills.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, look for items and objects to pick up and interact with. Finally, there are times when game will animate your avatar. When this happens, don’t stand up in the middle of it.

Be sure to allow the windlight setting to be automatically adjusted by your viewer. The sim has been set up to have a certain setting for optimal effect. For instructions on how to do just that for Firestorm and SL’s official viewer, please follow these links:

Firestorm Wiki: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/phoenix:parcelwl

SecondLife Wiki on Windlight Settings: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/WindLight_Settings