As soon as Meeka Sihtu announced her upcoming event ‘IMAGINARIUM’, Nightwish started to scream inside of my head and it was set. I knew exactly what we’d create for this new event.

“It was the night before,
When all through the world
No words, no dreams
Then one day
A writer by a fire
Imagined all of Gaia
Took a journey into a child-man’s heart.. “

Ever since the Zombies took over the MadPea Carneval, I have been missing it insanely. It was a safe haven for me and many others. Creepy theme park full of wonders inspiring people to imagine the impossible.

Earlier in the year we began a massive project called Mad World that we hope to have accomplished by the end of the year. It’s everything that the Carneval was and much much more.

“A painter on the shore
Imagined all the world
Within a snowflake on his palm
Unframed by poetry
A canvas of awe
Planet Earth falling back into the stars…”

Our Cirque de Folie set for Imaginarium gives you a sweet taster of what’s to come at Mad World: Animated vintage props and games to set the mood for dreaming and losing yourself for a moment.

After 20 pulls you will receive an exclusive Lucky Wheel that will tell your fortune! This Wheel is only available during the month of September at the Imaginarium event.

On September 1st we will welcome you to Cirque de Folie at Imaginarium… and soon.. we’ll welcome you to the madness at Mad World.

“I am the journey,
I am the destination
I am the home
The tale that reads you
A way to taste the night
The elusive high
Follow the madness
Alice, you know once did…”