Magic and excitement have swelled in the hearts of all Peas, and spread through the MadPea crew like wildfire! It’s time, Peas, it’s really time! You have seen the posts on Facebook and Flickr, watched the blog obsessively for hints, and even enjoyed our sneak peek quest “Bad Omens”!  Now, the time for the ultimate in magical experiences is at hand! Hold onto your hats, all you Wizards and Witches! Ready your brooms and take your cauldrons off the fire! Spellbound starts on November 25th at 1pm SLT and you do NOT want to be late for this Ultimate in magic MadPea experience!

Spellbound the magic gathers!

We at MadPea were thrilled to announce the unlocking of the Spellbound V.I.P. tickets! They were on sale in a very limited number and the Pea response was better than we could have dreamed! Peas from all over the SL-verse snatched up a chance to pass through the portal between realms with a letter of invite to discover the magical mysteries that await! With all the enchanted adventure and otherworldly puzzles to be explored, it was not an opportunity they wanted to miss!

Spellbound V.I.P. ticket holders – no, it’s not glowing; you’re just that excited – will be allowed passed the enchanted gates on November 24th at 1pm SLT to enjoy the gaming experience a full 24 hours before the official start.

Don’t worry, Peas, on November 25th at 1pm SLT everyone will be welcomed to purchase a HUD for $1,000L and explore the amazing realms of Spellbound’s magic for themselves. This game is rated moderate and open to our younger Peas as well. 

One of our awesome collaborators, Gabriel, has created truly enchanting outfits, worthy of the most sorcerous of Peas! There will also be wands -in a fun and gorgeous gacha set- to personalize your look and experience, as well as an incredible game enhancer! Thank goodness Gabriel made the stunning outfits strong enough to withstand talons!

Oh, and just wait until you fight your way to the end and see the prizes created by MadPea and some of MadPea’s extraordinary collaborators like: BALACLAVA, Candle & Cauldron, Gabriel, the Half Moon Market, Insomnia Angel, Insurrektion, Jinx, KraftWork, Krescendo, and Noctis!

With achievements, prizes and an incredible story-line game victory will never taste as sweet!

Spellbound Sneak Peek!

About now Peas will be saying, “What is Spellbound? Sure, there’s magic, puzzles, and one of the V.I.P.s mentioned an owl, but what is it really?” Well, Spellbound is a fantastic tale of intrigue, mystery and murder. You as a new student will have to explore, develop your magic and figure out what goes on in the shadows before they swallow you whole. Master the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water to uncover the castle’s terrible secrets. Harness the power of ancient sorcery to discover the truth and bring light into the very heart of darkness.

Stay alert, Peas, danger lurks around every corner and making it through Spellbound without disappearing into the otherworldly ether will take courage, determination and a lot of Pea-genuity. Things all Peas have in abundance!

Remember, the gates are open to ALL PEAS on November 25th at 1pm SLT. Just buy your HUD for $1,000L, grab up all the extra gachas and enhancers you could need, and be prepared for an EPIC MadPea experience! 


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