In our over 10 years of existence, MadPea is proud of the innovations in virtual entertainment and gaming we have crafted for the residents of the Second Life grid.  However, even more heartwarming for the MadPea Team are the lively and helpful community of Peas that have grown with us throughout the past decade.

Starting with this article, each week, we plan to take a moment to recognize members of the MadPea and MadPea Premium communities that show the wonderful traits of kindness, friendliness plus an overall pleasant demeanor in our chat groups and experiences.  These will be handpicked from the pod and will be known as “Super Peas!”  The “Super Pea” will receive 5000 Mad Points, and be interviewed exclusively for the MadPea Blog with links posted to our Facebook Page and inworld notices.


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a SUPER PEA!


Our very first recipient is a long-time member of SL, LuckyLady Llewellyn.  LuckyLady is a veteran having 12 years here.  She and a community of others discovered Second Life as they were searching for a place to land as their home in “Myst Online Uru Live” was closing its gates.  She informed me that, “We were so happy to be with others who enjoyed solving puzzles that finding SL was a great transition for us from a closing game.” LuckyLady then added, “We found that we could create our own games, bringing graphics and design from the former place.  We created a hangout, stuck together and it was GOOD!”

LuckyLady and her friends from MOUL packed their bags and moved to SL.

Talking about her first days on the grid brought back good memories, for LuckyLady.  “I remember it well, she mused.  “I realized I could fly and do so many other amazing things.  It was a sensory overload for me the first few weeks bringing me to tears several different times.”

LuckyLady looks forward to another 12 years of fun in SL with MadPea

LuckyLady still spends time with those same community of Dni friends at dances and during events, though not as much as she feels that she should, declaring, “They are the glue that has held me here for the past 12 years.  I was able to meet the Myst Writers and go to story hour Sundays and keep that interest alive.” She added, ” Then MadPea started creating amazing games and stories and fun things to do so I grew interested in this group as a new way to enjoy SL.”

LuckyLady, we are so happy that you are a part of MadPea and that you bring your infectious way of making us all smile and the way you reach a helping hand when needed.  Thank you for being a “SUPER PEA”

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