After a month long break, exPEAditions are back! This month we will be exploring an LEA sim titled, “Glass Jars by Art Oluja” .  I was able to get a private tour with the artist herself and she explained that the piece is all about emotions, and memories.  Much of the inspiration for Glass Jars comes from G. Bachelard’s “The Poetics of Space,” R. Grudin’s “Time and The Art of Living”, and a short animation film called “The House of Small Cubes”

Sculpture, poems, and even original music are all part of the “Glass Jars” experience. But this being an exPEAdition, we of course have added our own twist on things. Along with exploring the sim you will be participating in a special hunt to find a young woman’s memories. Completing the hunt will earn you an exclusive prize and an achievement!

Art Oluja posing in front of her work

If you have never been on an exPEAdition before, this is a great one to start with! We will be meeting at the exPEAdition travel agency at 12pm SLT on April 30th , and from there we will board the travel bus to our destination. Art Oluja will give a brief tour and then you will have until May 2nd at 12pm SLT to finish the hunt.  We hope to see you there!