The theme for today’s photo contest post is going to be about kicking butt and taking names.

As one of our MadPea family recovers in hospital, we know all of you join us in wishing them a quick recovery and kick this thing and show it who’s boss! While this might mean that we will be postponing the UNIA release by a week (see the original announcement here), it also means that it gives all you creative types a few extra days to make your submissions to the “Are You Ready For UNIA?” photo contest.

We will be announcing the winner of the Gold Pea Pass on UNIA’s new opening date, April 27th! A whole extra week to keep composing those awesome shots of you target shooting or pampering yourselves to get ready to kick some butt!

Speaking of which, here we have our photo pick for today:

Life used to be all rainbows & jellybeans but something evil was hiding, the monster within has been released, will it be so easy to hide again?

That is Midnight Zepp letting the monster within take over, and using it to her advantage to train up for UNIA!

Be sure to check out all the submissions we’ve received. They have been loaded into a slideshow that you can see at the following location at Consignment:

Are YOU ready for UNIA? Relieved to have a few extra days to build those muscles and work on your endurance?

Here’s what you can do to show us what you’re doing:

✄Send us a notecard with a picture of yourself (in SL!) while you wait for UNIA. Show us what you’re up to.

✄Add a blurb (144 characters or less, tweet-style!) to describe the scene.

✄Title the notecard “Preparing for UNIA! –

[Your Avatar Name].” Make sure you include your avatar’s full Legacy name so we can find you again.

✄Send your submission to RaffiGirl Koffenbaum


As always, Peas, we look for some important criteria when we’re choosing our favourites:

✄Creativity– You Peas are a unique lot. We love your wild and weird ideas!

✄Humor– You guys are always cracking us up. Make us laugh!

✄Technical Skill– Are you an awesome photographer? We love well composed shots.

We’ll be collecting these nearly up until UNIA launch and posting our favourites to the blog every other day. On April 27th, we’ll pick our favourite one of the lot, and we’ll award the creator with an UNIA Gold Pass. Your preparation could really pay off!


If you have any questions, IM RaffiGirl Koffenbaum. We’re always happy to help!

Check submissions out on our blog: