Laissez les bons temps rouler! (let the good times roll!)

Coming very soon is MadPea’s long-awaited new immersive experience, Nightmare in New Orleans!  The Grand Opening is on 12-noon SLT on February 13th for VIPs and 12-noon SLT on February 14th for the public.  Set in 1950’s New Orleans, the jazz bands pour music into the streets and the bayou bubbles and churns with juju and mysteries.  We have collected some sneak PEA-ks at the amazing game locations with some teasers as to what else you may find during gameplay.

It all begins with a mysterious urgent telegram from New Orleans regarding your brother, the private detective.  He has inexplicably vanished while working on his latest case.  Taking the ticket provided, You rush to the airport to board the next flight to the city aboard Pealine Airways, in an attempt to find out what has happened to him.

You will pick up your game HUD in the airport terminal at the ticket counter.  The Nightmare in New Orleans experience features a newly designed HUD.  One of the features is HUD based puzzles so there is no waiting in line to play.  These are similar to how the puzzles were for The Tower.  There are also “JuJu” coins available to purchase that you can use to skip the puzzles if you need a little help.   There is also a gacha at the start location full of Nightmare in New Orleans items that could enhance your time in the game.   Male and female outfits are available to purchase,  further enhancing your experience by dressing in the fashions of the time.


While waiting for your flight make sure you take an opportunity to browse the boutique shops in the terminal. Our amazing collaborators that have set up small locations for you to explore.  Or you can take a comfy seat in the passenger lounge and toss back a drink before boarding your flight at the gate.

Have a seat in our comfy lounge before your flight to New Orleans.  Photo by Justine Lemton.

As soon as you land you rush off to your brother’s office to see if you can find any clues.  You search urgently through his books and many papers.

My brother must be pretty well-heeled to have an office as nice as this. Photo by Thaila Lupindo.

You decide to trace his footsteps on the case he was investigating.  Soon you find a Jazz club that seems to stand out in your brother’s notes from the many other clubs in New Orleans.  There is a lovely chanteuse who sings here nightly for a packed house.


A Jazz Club. What did your brother find so interesting here?  Photo by Justine Lemton


Searching for your brother takes you from Heaven (a church) and quite possibly Hell (a local occult shop).

St. Louis Cathedral, a house of worship that figures into the investigation.  Photo by Dean Joe.


Mamma Mojo’s one of the occult shops visited by the detective.   Photo by Justine Lemton


In the course of the investigation, you visit a “city of the dead” and the expansive marshes of the bayou in search of clues to the whereabouts of your brother.  However, remember both locations are notorious for not easily giving up their secrets and stories.

For New Orleans, “Cities of the Dead” are a major part of history.  Photo by Thaila Lupindo.


The bayou is full of flora, fauna & mysteries.   Photo by Dean Joe

These are just a few of the locales in the Nightmare in New Orleans experience. There are so many other locations for you to discover and explore on your journey to find your missing brother.  We hope you have enjoyed these sneak Pea-ks of the upcoming gameplay areas along with some hints of what you can find in the game.

Now as we promised: The Nightmare in New Orleans game has lots of achievements to earn and there are two, yeap, TWO different endings.  So the game is definitely something you can play and enjoy for a while.


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