We are well underway with the amazing MadPea Summer Splash Hunt!  Touring around via the hunt HUD I have found several amazing, quirky locations to share with you!

You can easily find different sims to explore by just clicking the “?” button or blue duck silhouette on your Summer Splash HUD.  Trust me when I tell you there are wondrous sights to see!  You can also choose to add up to 10 favorite places by clicking on the heart button or pink duck outline on the HUD.  When you click the heart, you can also see your favorites and explore other hunters’ favorite locations!

First, let us check out the super cute Mecha Bun Headquarters on Journey Island.

I had fun looking through all the nooks and crannies around this island.  There are so many different little areas to see and things to enjoy.  A big “Thank You” Journey, for such an imaginative and creative build to visit during our hunt.

Next, we will travel to another time and realm as we visit Peaceful Forest on Pelosi

You will feel like you’ve stepped into a fairy tale as you land at this duck hunting location.  This home with the hobbit doorway is open to exploration with surprises in each room.  A beautiful place to visit and take a few pictures as well.  You will want to make a landmark to keep for this stop for sure!  Thank you so much to Duchess Flux of the Ippos Collective Land Group for hosting such a lovely slice of whimsy for us to visit.

Our last stop for this post is an adorable set of sims called Nuggets & Ketchup.

As you can see they got into the Summer Splash Hunt in a big way!  There are tons of fun and interesting things to do and see on these sims.  Both Nuggets and Ketchup are friendly places to adventure and visit.  Thank you to Pizza and Tofu Cloud for such an entertaining location to landmark and return to.

Remember to enjoy your surroundings and keep landmarks of your favorite places so you are able to return to them often for more beautiful scenery and fun.

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