Inca is closed for gaming, but we’re going to be celebrating it closing down with games, a party and a DEMOLITION!

Did you miss your chance to watch the end of Unia? Would you like an opportunity to be in on the closing of Inca? Well, now you will have your chance! Starting Saturday, November 5th at 6 am Slt and ending at 3 pm Slt with a BANG, you will have your chance to be part of Inca’s closing! For 8 hours you have the opportunity to participate in a game of skill, daring and pure madness!

Who among you thinks they have what it takes to make it to the end of Inca without dying? We will not make it easy, though! Where is the fun in that? During this time, you will have a free hud and can attempt to be one of the lucky top 5 to be awarded for reaching the end without dying! But remember, you only have 8 hours, at 3 pm your time will end, and The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior will return to the Gods.

6am SLT – 3pm SLT – 5 fastest to complete the game win free access to our next game
Reggie dJ’ing 2-3pm
Closing Demolition 3pm SLT
Free HUDs to play (no prizes)

Join us here for your chance to win big and be in on the destruction of Inca!

Boat Ride