chatting with Brave

I recently made a new friend that happens to be a massive MadPea fan. Naturally, I dragged him off the lobby of MadPea’s latest adventure, The Interview, to conduct my own interview.

Meet Bravehart86. He’s been enjoying the MadPea adventures for a very long time. After a few minutes of rattling his brain, he managed tell me about his first MadPea experience. Turns out, that a real life friend had told him about Second Life and mentioned the MadPea adventures. The first one he played? “Can’t quite remember the name of it, but I think it was The Devil’s Labyrinth. I remember seeing it and thinking I’d never seen anything like it.”

MadPea quickly became both an addiction and a tradition. He and the friend that introduced him to our fine virtual world do all of the adventures together and love introducing other friends to them as well.

“You should hear us on skype when we find out there’s going to be a new game. We squeal like little school girls as we ponder what it might be like.”

I had to know which MadPea adventures was his favorite. Brave’s energy became almost childlike as he explained that he loved Peatonville Asylum, how he loved the idea of not only working out the story, but he felt like a vital part of the story. He went on to add that his second favorite is Unia, because you lose yourself in the experience. “From the fear, to the unique stylized puzzles…I loved the toy room and having to dress yourself up to get past the big angry bunny.”

Now the hard question, to find out the truth from a diehard MadPea…I took a deep breath, looked around to make sure Kiana wasn’t watching and whispered, “Which MadPea game was the most challenging?” He laughed and with careful words he explained that The Interview challenged him the most because not only does it have some simple puzzles, but there are several that push the user to a new level. “I’ve traditionally done these as a group, this one was a solo game that gave you an edge.” Without giving anything away he admitted that he found the hallway with the lights and the mask room the most challenging. I don’t know about you guys, but that made me feel a lot better, because those were hard for me, too. *winks*

When I tell people that I write for MadPea, some are impressed, some aren’t (word haters!), and some even ask, “What is MadPea?” Shocking, I know, but even I didn’t know the wonderful world of MadPea until last year, so I wondered how someone like Brave would describe MadPea to someone who had never heard of it.

Funny man that he is, his first response was, “MadPea is a great place to pick up chicks!”

After laughing a bit he got serious and here’s what he had to say:

“MadPea is a company that is the equivalent of an RL theme park. The highs and lows, fear and humor…so much detail and thought goes into everything they do. If you’re not doing MadPea Experiences, you’re really doing yourself a real disservice.”

As I wrap up this article, I’d love to share what Brave deems as his “geekiest MadPea moment.”

While browsing through Marketplace, he found two keys for Peatonville. With the excitement of Charlie finding the golden ticket he proudly announces to his friend, “I’ve got two keys to do Peatonville early and we get to meet Kiana!”

The day came and they logged on hours early and were totally fangirling in IMs while trying to keep their composure when they came face to face with Kiana Writer. To this day he still geeks out whenever he meets her and while he doubts that feeling with ever go away, he has become a tad bit more relaxed in the presence of the Queen Pea.

Brave is what we like to call a superfan and we couldn’t be more grateful to him and all the other superfans (and regular fan, too) out there. Thank you, MadPeas, thank you for your dedication and for loving the MadPea experiences the way that you do.