Dear Egg Hunter,

We warmly welcome you to the two week mad eggstravaganza with hidden eggs, prizes, amazing locations, achievements, rewards and much more! The madness runs from 4th of April until midnight of 18th of April, 2017.


You need a HUD to play. Teleport to the Mad Easter Egg Factory and purchase the HUD for 100L.

You will also receive a basket for your eggs.

Look at the Egg List on our website or click on the ? button on your HUD to see the locations where the eggs are hidden. You can also use the website to see the Top 3 Hunters of the day and your ranking on the Egg Hunt leaderboard.

Please make sure to allow the locations to rez around you before you start searching. That’s to help you see things better so you can avoid from walking into walls or bumping into other hunters. 

Use your radar to find the eggs. The closer to the center the egg pointer is, the closer you are to an egg. There are also sounds that will guide you. 



We have different kinds of eggs around the grid that all react to the HUD you’re wearing.

EGGQUISITES are shiny and give you 50 points each. They last 72 hours once first rezzed.

EGGCEPTIONALS are yummy chocolates and marzipan eggs giving 25 points and lasting 48 hours from rezzing.

EGGCELLENTS are the most common eggs giving 10 points and their lifespan is 24 hours.


But wait! That’s not all! We also have some very special ultra RARE EGGSTRAORDINAIRES!

When you find one of these cute eggs, instead of getting points, you will win an INSTANT PRIZE!



Teleport to Mad Easter Egg Factory by using the Factory- button on your HUD

Check your HUD for your Current Points available

Select the prize(s) you want and click on the poster to redeem!




What are the collective points?

Mad Easter Egg hunt is a group effort! Get your friends to play and rank those points up together! See below.

Why do I have three different point counters on my HUD? What does it mean?

Collective Points are points for the whole group effort. Every single hunter’s points are added together to make this number. 

Current Points shows the points that you have currently available to spend on prizes. It’s the Total Points you have earned minus points you have spent on prizes. Please note, there is no reason to keep saving your points. They can be only used for the Egg Hunt prizes and using them to grab prizes doesn’t lower your position on the Egg Hunt Leaderboard.

Total Points match your points on our Egg Hunt Leaderboard. They are all the points that you have earned during this hunt.

How can I win the 500L reward?

Keep on hunting! Every day the top three hunters will be rewarded with $500L in cash. This is sent directly to your avatar. The more points you earn during the 24 hour period, the higher chance you have to be on the top. These rewards will go on daily until end of event April 18th, 2017.

As extra inspiration to get out there and hunt hard, we’re awarding the all-time top 3 hunters on the leaderboard at the end of the hunt with big cash prizes!
$5000 to 1st place
$3000 to 2nd place
$2000 to 3rd place

 (Please note that in the case of a tie, the $10 000L prize money will be split between winners.)

Can I see the prizes beforehand?

The first 5 prizes are available always at the Mad Easter Egg Factory and they are also listed on this page as well as our Facebook page.  As soon as the Collective Points are reached for the Prizes, they will unlock and their posters will be revealed. Don’t forget, there will also be SURPRISE prizes in our Eggstraordinaires!

Can I buy eggs for my land?

Absolutely! You can find them from our Mainstore or Marketplace. You can also click on your own eggs to receive points!

Is there a chance I could have those eggs I’m hunting for myself?