Mad New Mainstore!

STOP THE PRESS!  MadPea has a shiny new main store, launching on Monday 27 March!  To celebrate our brilliant new build, come down and check out…

  • A 50% off SALE on selected items
  • A special launch gift for all the Peas
  • The start of a new Profile Pick Raffle to win a $1000L gift card

So hurry down and take a look!

So what’s going on?  Well, we literally ran out of room and started to use several smaller stores around the city, which left lot of the Peas lost and confused.  Once it was decided we needed a new main store, Blogger and Marketing Manager Chu Alecto told me how things progressed.  “Before the rest of the team got down to the brilliant new design, my role was largely in the planning. I went through the old store and made a number of suggestions for improvements for the shopper’s experience, as well as MadPea’s overall brand.”

The new layout was carefully planned to include everything in one store

So the old main store has been removed and a big new building is now up in its place. Our Sales Manager Panda Windstorm explained what was actually done, “we have moved just about everything into the one main build, save the Halloween and Christmas themed shops. The goal was to have things all in one space easy to find.”  The build is much bigger now, spread over two large floors.

So what is in the new store?  Well it’s much more of a ‘One-Stop Shop’ for our Peas.  Queen Pea Kiana Writer told me “Now we have a shiny large store where we can fit all our new releases and information about our games, experiences and subscription boxes.”

Not only is the layout bigger, but our Creative Director Aaronax made especially sure that everything was easy to find in one place.  “I crafted the interior design as well as the gardens, banners and displays.  I wanted something aesthetically pleasing but still maintaining the original feel the building was made with, which is light and airy minimalist.”

Achievement Point gifts can now be collected straight from the main store, as well as Group gifts and Freebie Friday gifts

The MadPea Main Store is now an even better place to hang out.  You can shop, explore and stay updated on what’s new in MadPeas from our vendors, displays – as well as the ModPeas and MadPea Crew you can find there.

And don’t forget that there will be 50% off all sales items for 24 hours from 12pm SLT Monday till 12pm SLT Tuesday.  Please note that gachas, game HUDs and enhancements and our new Easter Eggs and baskets will not be included in the sale.

Have fun!


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