The next in the series of our crazy social party games is Mad, Wasted or Just Plain Dumb, a game where your most embarrassing memories get revealed!

Have you ever done something you hope no one ever learns about? Do you have a few strange quirks you want to keep secret? Do you hate awkward situations? Then this game might not be for you! Mad, Wasted or Just Plain Dumb makes you and your friends reveal embarrassing moments of your life that you’ve been trying to bury deep.

The game is a HUD based prompt card game to decide who in the group is most likely to be…

Warning: This game can get real!

PG and Adult versions are sold separately for only $299L each and are available at the Belle event from March 6th to April 3rd! Join the Madness with your copy of this awesome game and learn exactly which of your friends is Mad, Wasted or Just Plain Dumb!