Love is in the air and romance dances in every star, letting us know it’s time to show that special someone how much we care. This Valentine’s Day MadPea is going that extra mile in the name of love with 14 days of heart warming gifts from a special Calendar!

From January 24th through February 16th you can purchase MadPea’s 14 Days of Love Calendar, and enjoy 14 days of lovey-dovey gifts! Get a brand new gift each day, or give the calendar to your loved ones and they will receive the charming items daily. MadPea 14 Days of Love Calendar is a bargain at L$699each gift is less than L$50! All products in the calendar are brand new 100% handcrafted with love by MadPea Crew.

How does it work? Much like the MadPea Christmas Advent Calendar, the 14 Days of Love is very user-friendly! You can hang it on your wall as an adorable decoration or use it as a HUD to save space, then all you need to do is click the envelope on the correct day and you will receive the awesome gift! You can also keep clicking until May 31st to receive that gift again!

Curious about what you’ll be getting? Keep an eye on this blog post, facebook, socialvr and flickr to get the latest news and pictures!

Remember, the envelopes only work until the end of May so make sure you get them all before then… Or as soon as you can because there is so much love to enjoy!

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