MadPea’s Bowl-O-Rama is a new take on an amazing game that has been around for eons, and you will feel like a real King Pin when you bring it home! Yes, this gacha set is right up our alley and we are beyond excited to introduce this fully equipped Bowling Alley with interactive lanes, gorgeous decor, tasty snacks and beer!

Available at the 6 Republic Event starting May 6th and ending May 20th, the MadPea Bowl-O-Rama is full of unique and creative items, with 33 Common, 2 Rare, and 1 Ultra Rare!

There is Bowling Magic inside this gorgeous building!

If you leave your bowling ball at home, don’t worry, MadPea’s Bowl-O-Rama has plenty to spare! There are 33 Common, 2 Rare, and 1 Ultra Rare items in this set. Appealing to the eye as well as the stomach, the popular snack foods in this set are delicious with the beer or sodas! The retro-menus, condiments, and napkin dispenser ensure that each meal is a sensory delight! Just be careful, those comfortable booths and stools might tempt you to relax through your turn on the lanes!

Sunrise at the Bowl-O-Rama and we are ready to play!

With such gorgeous pieces to complete the whole effect of an awesome bowling alley, including a brilliant display of shoes and a perky jukebox, your MadPea Bowl-O-Rama is sure to be the talk of the summer! Set up bowling tournaments, parties, or just chill and have fun with friends!

What better way to show off your ball skills than with the bowling trophy? Your friends and family will be impressed with the stories you have of spares picked up, strikes bowled or even about the gutter monster that stole your perfect score!

Shoes, snacks and tunes, what more could anyone ask?

To start your summer of fun head to the 6 Republic Event from May 6th to May 20th to grab your MadPea Bowl-O-Rama and let the good times roll!