Dear Peas,

There come certain points in life when we have to do a little re-evaluation of who we are and where we are going. After some discussions within the team, we came to the conclusion that we are stopping the UNIA development on THIS platform.

What does it mean?

First of all, UNIA part 1 is not going anywhere for a while. It has been a HUGE accomplishment to realize in Second Life. It took us over two years to make and cost over 12 000 USD.
When we first started the UNIA development we had a much larger team, sponsored islands and a massive vision for gaming in Second Life.

During the development for UNIA we lost our sponsor and exactly 19 people from the huge team, including our lead developer for MadPea of several years. Still we struggled with a smaller team and big expenses to bring it out because our vision had not changed: We needed to show what was possible to do on this platform.

The feedback from the residents has been simply amazing. We have a steady flow of new people starting the UNIA experience on a weekly basis. We are opening the eyes of many peas and showing the wonders of Second Life in a whole new way.

I have been taking the statistics weekly for the last seven years and I’m not sure how many other companies can say the same, but we have had a steady growth during this whole time.
However, truthfully.. it’s just not enough.

With our current resources we could do either one of the two things: Continue developing the UNIA saga or put our focus on smaller adventures such as BURIED and the Collection. Making smaller adventures takes us around 2 months while UNIA 2 would be at least 6 more months of waiting.

Looking at the numbers and trying to be logical, we had to make the choice and even though we have put a lot of work and passion already into making UNIA 2, we as a team feel okay about this decision. It is time to move on.

But wait.. what happens next?

No panic! We’re not leaving Second Life! We’re simply becoming even more awesome than before!

It took us some time to re-group within the team, but once we completed UNIA, our team was much stronger and closer than ever before. We feel we can truly move some mountains now!

Our focus will be on smaller scale games that are more suitable for the Second Life platform.
We’re thriving to bring out narrative adventures and collaborate with other SL businesses. We believe that together we can make a difference and accomplish more visibility to the real world to show the power of Virtual Worlds.

MadPea will continue to create games around the individual to challenge their imagination and personal limits. We will provide experiences and the support of a growing and welcoming community.

Our roadmap is already full for the rest of the year and we’re going to spoil you rotten! Our next adventure is being scheduled to launch October 1st and it’ll be epic.

I hope to see you there, but meanwhile.. if you haven’t already, take your pick. Are you ready to be kidnapped and thrown into a field of monsters, fighting to survive while solving puzzles, trying to find out what is really going on? Or would you rather embark on a journey on a Victorian mystery, finishing your grandpa’s collection of haunted instruments that will lead you to a shocking discovery?

More information found here:

As for the rest of the UNIA saga… Who knows what the future will bring..

With Peas & Love,
Kiana Writer
MadPea Productions