The response to the MadPea Christmas Advent Calendar -on sale December 1st through January 1st-has been amazing! Peas and people all over the SL-Verse have delighted in the gifts, and there are still more to come! With most Advent calendars there are only 24 days – the count down until Christmas – as the creators assume everyone will be distracted on December 25th. MadPea, however, likes to give a little extra and so offers a 25th prize as a way of wishing all their Peas a Merry Christmas.

Advent Calendar is a true holiday joy at only $500L! Since it includes 20 of MadPea’s holiday best sellers and 5 brand new exclusively themed items, this is a real bargain for the season! Who doesn’t want a little extra to something during the Christmas holiday? There’s still time to give the gift of a MadPea Christmas Advent Calendar to your friends and family!

See the gifts for yourself!

Remember, even if you bought the Calendar after December 1st, you can still get all the previous gifts. The delightful wonders from those little doors will only remain available to receive until the end of May, so make sure to open them before then… Or as soon as possible because they are awesome!

Buy in-world or on the Marketplace!