MadPea is lucky to collaborate with a lot of really neat people, businesses and events throughout Second Life. In this series we begin to take a more in depth look at our collaborators and what unique ideas and products they bring, as well as how they work with and tie in to MadPea. If you’ve ever taken a stroll through Mad City you will have seen our collaborator’s stores or offices that you can visit any time.

Today we are getting to know a little more about Marvelous Mania. Have you ever noticed how big Second Life really is? It is the home of thousands of name brands, stores, venues, events, hunts and great places to visit. In fact there are so many places that it can be overwhelming trying to find them all and to keep track of them once you have found them. Luckily one of our MadPea Collaborators has made it a lot easier for us to just that. Meet Marvelous Mania, an interactive HUD created by Quertie Resident that is updated daily to bring us the best Second Life has to offer – including updates for MadPea!

The HUD begins by directing you to a YouTube tutorial that shows you how to navigate to find what interests you most. From there you will notice that there are seven categories to choose from, including the introduction to the HUD. The second category – and one all of you Peas will love – is the sponsor page and you’ll just never guess who one of the sponsors is… that’s right! It’s us! This page is fantastic at exploring everything going on in MadWorld and Mad City. There is information about our games, new items and gachas for sale, MadWorld and more. You’ll never miss an event or new release again!

The third category is for store brands and the promotion of individual stores or specific items on sale. Any store can apply to be included for a modest fee that is explained in detail on the website that will be provided below. Each store page on the HUD provides information about the store and/or item including the sale price as well as offering a direct teleport. No need to keep track of pesky landmarks and all those notecards!

The fourth, fifth and sixth categories on the HUD showcase some of the most interesting sims on the grid, and often the cost to advertise in these categories is free. It’s not just for shopping as Marvelous Mania caters to everything Second Life has to offer. If you like to explore, take photographs and go on adventures with friends you can use this category to do so. There is a category for Unique Interests, Scenic Locations, Fun and Games and Live DJ’s and Music.  You can even store your favorite stores and events. Marvelous Mania really takes the hassle out of exploring and navigating Second Life and ensures that you will never be bored in Second Life again!

From shopping events to sales, art instillations to dance parties – whatever your interest in Second Life is Marvelous Mania has a place for it and the best part is that the HUD is free! Check below to find links to the marketplace or check your MadPea group notices for a free copy and have fun exploring all the fun Second Life has to offer!