The MadPea Cupid Catastrophe -running from February 1st to February 15th- is a Madness filled Grid-Wide Valentine’s Hunt that has involved so many beautiful, unique and creative sims. The effort that people put into designing the places Hunters explore while on the search for mischievous Cupids is incredible, making it very hard to pick just one to share. However…

The Maison de L’amitie is a little slice of paradise set in the middle of a calm sea where weary travelers are welcome to rest and bask in the picturesque beauty of their surroundings. Hunters will delight in the quaint build and peaceful atmosphere as they scour the sim for the squishable Cupids.

Hmm.. Is there a Cupitto in there?

While many explorers may be tempted to remain near the point of entry, watching the seagulls that tumble through the skies or the dolphins that seem to laugh as they skip through the gentle waves, there is still more to discover. Turning off the main street to stroll through a garden path leads to an idyllic spot to watch the world go by, and the playful weasel that skitters around the legs of the tables seems perfectly content to share the space with visitors.

Time for a quick break.

Going deeper into sim rewards the explorers with a small playground that any family can enjoy between the moments of Madness that are the MadPea Cupid Catastrophe. Taking a seat on the bench to enjoy the surroundings and playing children, allows the beauty to lull even the most fervent mind, and spinning for hours on the Merry Go Round can evoke poignant memories of days past when life was simpler.

The adventurous explorer can run through the fields of wheat, laughing as the golden stalks tickle and the fresh scent of life fills their senses. Perhaps one day the abandoned factory will be filled once again with happy workers, producing the latest devices to improve the SL-Verse. Until that day, the surprisingly well-preserved building will make a fun place to hunt those impish Cupids.

Amber waves of grain.

With all the special spots to explore, those mentioned and not mentioned, the Maison de L’amitie is a sim Hunters should make a point of visiting while racing all throughout the SL-Verse for Cupittos to squash!

Want to join the fun as a location? It’s easy! Just purchase some Cupittos from the MadPea Cupid Catastrophe starting point, or from the Marketplace! Once you rezz them all on your land, the Hunters will come running!