From February 1st to February 15th the epic Valentine’s Hunt: MadPea Cupid Catastrophe will fill the SL-Verse with Madness, excitement and fun as Hunters explore so many delightful, alluring and innovative sims in search of Cupids to squish. The energy and character that creators share with visitors through their designs brings a special magic to the hunts, inviting a closer look long after the Cupids have been found and squashed. As always it is difficult to select just one sim to showcase, however….

The Ministry of Darkness is a war-torn and cursed land full of the bitter remnants of what was once a lush and lively forest. This unique vision with burned, deadened trees and seas of blood that are still filled by the corpses of the fallen, invites the bravest of adventures to hunt and explore at their own risk.

Do you dare enter?

The foreboding atmosphere is a definite change of pace from the heart strewn, fluffy pinkness that pervades so many of the sims on the MadPea Cupid Catastrophe hunt. The very air seems to chill around visitors as they rezz in to the darkness that is an almost physical force pressing against hunters who gaze around at the haunting statues that surround them, whispering an eerie message, “… has been dragged into hell with the rest of us!”

When asked how the Ministry of Darkness came to be, Pen Titanium Warblood (penolope) said, “MoD has been around for almost 2 years now. We are a group affiliated with the Bloodlines game so we are a Vampire Clan and family. I built the land to be close to a vampire theme as possible for our home and for the SL community to enjoy also. I always loved to explore in SL and wanted to offer this to people who enjoy exploring.”

There is truly a lot to explore in the Ministry of Darkness; from the narrow paths, covered in gnarled tree branches and protruding roots that appear to be reaching out for the brave adventures who dare to walk along the rickety bridges as they pass over the rivers and seas of constantly flowing blood, to the many secret corners with seemingly abandoned buildings. Seemingly. Who knows what evil lurks in the shadows of the numerous crypts and tombs?

The brave adventures in search of a brief respite from the madness of hunting Cupids are welcome to take one last ride on the spooky carousel, or relax under the tree of dolls to bask in their empty stares and chuckle over the antics of the nearby vultures. Such noble birds, vultures.

While trading deep stares with the owls that watch from the darkness, the brave adventurer might wonder what Pen Titanium Warblood thinks of the madness that is the MadPea Cupid Catastrophe, “I’ve always enjoyed Madpea and the great items the store has to offer, as well as the hunts, are just amazing. It’s always nice to participate in these hunts and always a great time.”

Once the Cupids are found and squished, the brave adventurer might feel a slight pang of regret as they rush off to the next sim to continue the hunt. Such a unique and creative place deserves a second and third trip to be sure. As for future hunts, well, Pen Titanium Warblood would like to assure the many Hunters, “Yes I would love to have the occasion to participate in other hunts. It’s such a great experience to be part of Madpea Hunts. I would defiantly participate again, like I have in the past.”