The waves of Madness brought on by the exciting Grid-Wide hunt have receded and the intrepid Hunters have wended their way home for a little R&R! They have finished inspecting every inch of the over a hundred marvelous sims that participated by hiding Cupittos throughout the SL-Verse, and now there’s time to trade stories around the fire; smiles and laughs filling the room as Hunters recall their favorite moments of the MadPea Cupid Catastrophe. Wasn’t there an underwater space with dancing mermaids and glittering seashells. Remember that place with rivers of boiling blood and grizzly specters? Oh, oh! What about that one house with the Cupittos on spikes? Did the hidden saws get you too?

The bold and tired Hunters discovered and enjoyed so many incredible places, sharing favorite spots with each other in group and out of it as they raced from place to place; many sharing landmarks as well for the special spots they intended to return to for photos, romantic moments or even shopping. So much shopping…

There are, of course, tales shared about the Cupid that got away in a poof of smoke, each rendition making the squishable sprite bigger and faster, with superpowers. Thus is the traditional story-telling of Hunters.

Once the stories are shared and the pictures proudly displayed, the Hunters will start happily displaying the bounty of amazing and wonderful prizes earned by squishing those stupid Cupids! From the exclusive Shiny Prizes, hunted with determination before they left the grid forever, to the adorable rides, the lovely decor, the naughty games, and the cutely helpful emotional support robot; all prizes are examined and shared with the wide-eyed listeners.

How long until the next Hunt? How long before the rush of Madness begins again? Not soon enough according to the Hunters. MadPea tends to agree with them, but until then…

With the crisis of love averted, it’s time to reveal those special locations that captured your hearts and votes during the MadPea Cupid Catastrophe! So without further ado, here are YOUR top 3 picks!

The RoseGarden


The brainchild of LadyRose Writer, the RoseGarden, is a creative collection of four seasonal islands, each with a unique design and distinctive appeal. Winter, Spring, Summer and Halloween -yes, it is a season- are all within easy reach, and truly delightful to explore! Find a comfortable seat to watch the SL-Verse go by, or explore every nook and cranny to discover the depths of its beautiful style.

The RoseGarden

The details and love put into the creation of each island is obvious, leaving even the most casual explorer with a sense of wonder as the serenity of the sim washes over them. LadyRose has shared her home for so many hunts, much to the joy of Peas everywhere, and even beyond as she delights in the visitors to her home, her amazing SL display of beauty and creativity! It’s easy to see why so many hunters will visit again and again between the bouts of madness.

Tabi’s Playground


Tabi’s Playground is an idyllic and peaceful spot where explorers are invited by Tabi to relax, have fun and enjoy the surrounding beauty. The tranquility of this gorgeous sim is a welcome respite from the madness of hunting, clubbing and gaming. With the bounty of nature all around, it is an simple task to forget the rest of the SL-Verse for a while to bask, instead, in the soothing lull of the enchanting ambiance. With such peace and lovely atmosphere on tap, is it any wonder why Pea’s make a note to return?

*NOELIA Island*


*NOELIA island* is the romantic Italian, Mediterranean island lovingly hewn from the rocks of the SL-Verse by Ida Carlberg. Explorers are welcome to wander to their heart’s content, to try every dance, take boat rides, pose for photos or even meditate in the sand. Romance is definitely in the air, and the canny explorer will often return with their special someone to stroll through the calm and Earthly beauty. This is a sim that bears repeating and the Hunters know it.


So glad you asked! Without further ado, and with much applause, the TOP TEN HUNTERS are:

#1 jotinkviolet                                         376,850
#2 ladyblackdiamond2013                    376,350
#3 cyn.sweetwater                                   370,350
#4 cinos.field                                             367,200
#5 alisa.farshore                                        362,550
#6 bianya.paravane                                    357,200
#7 mickeyw.farshore                                   357,000
#8 eleanor8                                                   355,300
#9 dar.brock                                                   344,600
#10 makayla14580                                       342,250


Congratulations to all the Winners, Hunters and Locations! Thank you for participating in the madness that was the MadPea Cupid Catastrophe! We have enjoyed the squishing and squashing that you created when you chased those stupid Cupids across the Grid, and we can’t wait until the next Hunt!

See you very soon, dear Hunters!