Recently the MadPea University of Detection and Inspection had an emergency that needed our Pea’s skills of solving riddles and clues.  Professor Peabody was flying in with new finds from her recent voyages.  The planes cargo door malfunctioned and spread the artifacts all over the MadPea universe.

The Peas signed up for an investigative class but it quickly became a mission to find the missing antiquities and return them to their crate.

The intrepid student detectives were split into two classes, both lead by Sleuth Sangi and her partner Constable Blush.

The members of the am class.

The a.m. class consisted of  Blasius Messmer, SuzieQx2 oh, Eleanor8, Morningstar Tigerpaw, CalebBryant, Rockail, and Lady BlackDiamond2013.



There were some small difficulties with the photo, sorry!

The p.m. class included Kenzxie, JazJ, Vivienne Odigaunt, Tichelle Teabrook, Bethany Janet, CapriSoeil, Rusty Hammond, Callie Blackburn, JessikaDawn, Copeland, blackwillowbaby, newportfox, and nettylee.


These detectives scoured and searched far and wide to recover all the antiquities.  Solving the puzzle at the end they were rewarded in the end with a memento of their class journey around the MadPea universe.

The Magnifying Glass and the Vintage Magnifying
Glass Award were given as mementos of time well spent. (photo taken in MadPea’s Nightmare in New Orleans experience)


This was only the first of many journies and excursions to come.  Watch your notices and join us next time for fun and adventure!