The wonder and joy of Easter is almost upon us, and MadPea has a marvelous surprise for you; the MadPea Easter Calendar! Each day, from April 1st to April 21st, you can crack open an egg to receive an awesome gift! That includes 18 of the Easter best sellers that MadPea has lovingly crafted, and 3 brand new exclusive themed items! Fill the days to Easter with all kinds of sweet gifts, and bring some joy to friends or family by gifting the calendar to them as well!

On Sale from March 27th to April 23rd, the MadPea Easter Calendar is a bargain at $699L, making each gift around $33L, and all are 100% handcrafted by the MadPea Crew!

See the gifts for yourself!


Great news: if you buy the Calendar after April 1st, you can still get all the previous gifts! All of the marvelous gifts that you crack out of the eggs will remain available until the end of July, so make sure to open them before then!

Available now at our main store: SLURL HERE and Marketplace URL HERE