MadPea is at the Belle Event with a playful piece of functional decor that will be a glowing addition to any home, club or store! It’s impossible to tell when an emergency will happen and munchies, moments of stress that only a stiff drink will help, or even suddenly arranged bonfires that no one left you time to shop for smores can happen at any moment!

MadPea wants to make sure you are prepared for more than Werewolves and Zombie invasions with the MadPea Emergency Boxes! Just break the glass to solve most of the problems that plague the SL-verse these days!

Convenient and Fun!

At the low, low price of only $249L each -or $499L for the FatPack- the MadPea Emergency Boxes are those little life-savers you didn’t know that you needed! From style and function to the therapeutic and satisfying breaking of glass, these colorful decor pieces are a bargain you don’t want to miss, so pick yours up today from the Belle event!