Valentine’s Day is for most a special time to celebrate romance, love and all things mushy. There are trips to the movies, hours of dinner and dancing, hands clasped tight during moonlit walks, and so many deliveries of flowers or candy! Oh, and don’t forget that tiny winged creature that flies around shooting people with the arrows of love!

For some, however, Valentine’s Day is a day to hide away from all the love in the air. Maybe that’s due to a broken heart, a possible betrayal, or maybe it’s just being sick and tired of the calendar telling people when it’s time to be romantic.

Whatever the reasons for a cynical take on the typically romantic holiday, MadPea is there for you! At this month’s Epiphany –January 15th to February 15th– MadPea introduces the LOVE SUCKS gacha set.

A fortress of solitude and supplies! What more could anyone need?


This is a gorgeous gacha set with 14 common and 1 awesome rare! Whether it is the ripped up photos of those “special moments,” the balled up tissues for each tear shed, one of the many empty ice cream cartons, or just a pillow and blanket fort to hide in comfort from the cold, cruel world, MadPea has your breakup covered. Pack up their stuff and toss it out, smash all those little mementos and tear up the photos! Need to keep that annoying, flying cherub and his arrows away? Why not try a can of MadPea’s Cupid Repellent Spray?

Use those Epiphany Points for your tasty message!

Send someone annoying a token of your dis-appreciation with a delicious pizza that understands where you’re coming from! This MadPea Exclusive at Epiphany is the perfect gift for the Ex-partner, Ex-friend with benefits or even Ex-crush. No one will mistake this tasty message!

Don’t think a New York style pie is enough? Why not try for the VIP Smashed Video Games? No longer will they ignore conversations, or forget important dates, in any addicting pixels! Take that anonymous video game protagonist!

Let’s see you play them now!

Send a message this Valentine’s Day, or just hide from the madness of love in comfort and with Pizza! This is a gacha you don’t want to miss! So grab your LM below, and head for Epiphany January 15th at 10pm!