A little under a week ago, we welcomed you to the two months of Summer that was the Mad Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament.  There is fishing, prizes, amazing locations, achievements and rewards to be enjoyed right up until 15 September, and we couldn’t wait to see what you thought!

So I pulled on my sandals and loaded up my bait box and dived right over to Mad City to ask you the verdict, and some of our fabulous fishers told me how they were getting along!

Down on the beach at Mad City, I bumped into Jurgen (JurgenStrom Resident) who was getting busy with his rods.  He is a long-time MadPea fan of all our games and events.  So what does he think of the Tournament?  “I love it!” he told me.  “It’s fast, funny, competitive, and it’s a great alternative to complex puzzles or hunts.”  Jurgen frequently fishes with his wife – who is as much of a MadPea addict as he is.  I suspect they are just as competitive with each other, but when I asked what he had been catching so far, he just said “Guess catching all that boots made the ocean cleaner, right!?”

Jurgen Strom at Mad City Beach

A little bit further down the beach, Lækný Lofgren (arthurine.somerset) told me that they I’ve been a MadPea group member for years now, and saw the Tournament advertised in Group Notices and on our Facebook page.  I asked what they liked about the Fishing Tournament.  “Aside from the beautiful sims? I’m enjoying the new points system. I find with hunts that I don’t like or have need for all of the prizes you can claim. So the flexibility to use points elsewhere really appeals to me.”

It turns out that Lækný is a bit of a demon fisher, and was especially good at catching our “non-fish” items!  But what would Lækný change or improve?  “The condoms are a bit of fun, so I enjoy them. The only thing I’d change is have the fishing spots reset at midnight, like the top 5 leader board. That way people can be more competitive with their fishing. Not everyone can long on to SL at the same time every day.”  I’m looking forward to seeing Lækný on our top fishers leader board, regardless!

Lækný Lofgren at our fishing fountain, Mad City beach

Lastly, I spoke to a long-time Pea COOLAIR Frostbite.  A regular hunter, I know Cool loves to participate in these MadPea events.  This time, he was picking up a HUD and starting to explore, so I asked him how the Fishing Tournament compares with other events we have run in the past.  “It’s really different, and I like it!” He told me.  Thanks Cool – and good luck with your haul today!

COOLAIR Frostbite fishing from a bowl in one of our gorgeous stores at Mad City

The Summer Fun will run from July 15th 5pm SLT until September 15th.  You can pick up a HUD from the Main Store and start fishing now.  Alternatively, if you have a store or land you want to show off, why not purchase a Fishing Station and wait for the Peas to roll in?