MadPea is hard at work on mysterious new projects and secret builds while zipping around the SL-Verse on the awesome new construction enhancement vehicles: Forklift Fun! This exciting gacha is a smooth ride, a construction helper, a role-play essential, a gorgeous piece of décor and so much more!

The 21 Common and 1 Rare items of this set are fully functional and interactive, making them the perfect portal for material handling and transportation; bringing a richness to builds and developments, and safety with the stylishly colorful hard hats!

Though perfect for so many building projects and racing events in SL, the MadPea Forklift Fun gacha set is available for the low-low price of $L75 a pull! Enhance your sim experience with the MadPea Forklift Fun gacha set, and don’t forget to wear your hard hat! For more information regarding this thrilling gacha set check out the MadPea Group or MadPea Premium Group inworld, or head over to the MadPea Facebook and Flickr pages!