The ever popular MadPea’s Ghost Catchers collection is available at 6 Republic and we’re excited about sharing this amazing movie gacha set with you! This lovingly hand-crafted assortment of unique gacha has 29 commons and 2 rares that will help you keep the streets of any city clear of those mischievous spirits from the Netherworlds!

Included are tools for catching ghosts, decor items to spruce up any urban street, and we even offer the ghosts themselves! Yes, that’s right, we provide the phantasms for promotional videos, training sessions or perhaps the occasional revenge plot! What better way to say “you will pay” than a ghost in the bathroom?

An incredible gacha set with 29 commons and 2 rares!

Spooks, Ghosties, and Gremlins at your door? A blasted raven flying around cawing “nevermore”? Pick up the phone, or shoot them a Text…
However you call for the Ghost Catchers, they gotcha back!!

The Ghost Catchers “Mad1” is a car lover’s dream come true!

The second week special at 6 Republic is as stylish as it is functional and a must have for any Ghost Catcher on the hunt of pesky spirits! Never worry about traffic, speeding ghost trains or the absentminded pedestrian again with this lovely lights protecting your streets!

I like traffic lights… but not when they are red!

To add this amazing gacha set to your sims, businesses and clubs, just head MadPea at the 6 Republic event and grab your ticket to ghost catching history! Want to see the popular Ghost Catchers collection in action? Check out the video by our talented Kiria!

Video Credits: Kiria Travesty