We have been teasing Peas for days now about a big surprise coming on 1st September and now I can finally reveal – MadPea is getting a new home!

From midday SLT, come on down to our shiny new sim and check us out!  To celebrate the move we’ll kick off with a lovely singer Samm Quendra followed by our fabulous DJ Pandie. If that’s not enough to get your butts down here, we also have:

  • A massive 50% off everything* in store, just for this weekend!
  • A sim-wide hunt – WITH an achievement and a prize to be won!
  • A cool and colourful new group gift!

(*excludes gachas, game HUDs and gift cards)

I asked Queen Pea, Kiana Writer, why we are moving.  “Mad City on the old Harm’s Way sim was growing so fast with several offices and headquarters of our collaborators as well as being the launch area for our hunts and exPEAditions and successful new concepts. The sim couldn’t take all the traffic it was getting and I felt we needed a private island to handle the crowds better.”

Our collaborators are other fantastic Second Life companies that MadPea loves and regularly works with.  Many currently have offices at Mad City and are making the move with us, into brand new offices on the new sim.  Our collaborators really help Mad City be the great place it is to visit and explore.  And now we have more space, exciting new collaborators will be joining us!  The full list of collaborators making their home in new Mad City is:

  • Love to Decorate
  • SL Live Radio
  • The Drax Files
  • W.A.N.T.
  • Shiny Shabby
  • ULTRA Event
  • Orchard Heights
  • Teleport Hub
  • Kultivate Magazine
  • WeDoSL Events

Kiana also told me what’s new in the new Mad City!  “Since we have more space, we can do a lot more here. We have a nice stage area for events, a lovely waterfront, shops, cafes and parks for relaxing. Our store is bigger and far more organised as Gacha is separated into its own store. The area, while still being a city, is more relaxed and enjoyable surrounded by nature. We also have a Retro Rocket Arcade where Peas can meet and play games together!”

I can’t wait for 1st September!!

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