Thats right, we’re looking to add to our amazing team with a Blogger Manager!

—- Duties will include  —-
☛ Weekly update reports on all four Blogger teams.  (Blogs posted, communications with Bloggers etc)
☛ Monthly Rewards and incentives involving collecting information on top 3 in each team.
☛ Regular communication via notice and IM to keep all bloggers informed and on target.
☛ Keeping a Google Doc updated for each team so that the bloggers can access to see if they’ve hit their monthly targets.
☛ Promoting the best posts of the week via Facebook and other social media.
☛ Sending a weekly email to the team with the best pictures of the week.
☛ Encouraging MadPea Bloggers to use our game areas for photos and arranging free huds when needed.
☛ Attending two meetings a week to stay up to date on MadPea news and projects.
☛ Weekly communication on the status of Bloggers / any issues / etc.
☛ Coming up with new innovative ideas to keep our Bloggers motivated and feeling appreciated.
☛ Communicating with our sales team to make sure Blogger packs are sent out on time.
☛ Dealing with day to day issues any bloggers might have in a calm, confident and cheerful manner.
☛ Updating our blogger teams every 3 months via Blogger Searches and removing those not hitting targets.

The right candidate will have oodles of experience and enthusiasm for making sure our bloggers are well looked after and have a friendly contact to ensure they are able to hit their targets and are well motivated. Our chosen manager will be able to attend Team Meetings on Tuesdays at 11am SLT and Wednesdays at 11:30am SLT and want to be involved not only with our team, but our community and games.  We want someone as passionate as we are about what we do and ready to bring their talents to the table!  So….is that you or someone you know?

If so, go to our Application here and fill it out.  The deadline for all applications is Sunday the 30th of October 2016 and we will contact our chosen candidates by then for a face to face interview.   Good luck!