MadPea Hunts – what next?

It is safe to say that 2017 has been a fabulous year for MadPea hunts.  Usually known for games and experiences, when MadPea Productions decided to take on a grid-wide hunt there was no doubt it would be something brilliantly different.  Sure enough, starting in the spring, we had you hopping around looking for Easter Eggs.  Then in the summer we offered a bonanza of sea-shells to the best beachcombers in Second Life.  And lets not forget our most recent Autumn seasonal treat of ghoulish Halloween ghosties!

So what might we have lined up for the festive season? Read on for a few hints!

There is no doubt that all of our hunts have been hugely popular with our Peas.  I was lucky enough to chat to some of the Halloween Hunt’s top ghosthunters, and they told me why our hunts are such a success.  Januh Kilara explained what she enjoyed best.  “I like it when the hunt is reasonably easy.  Personally, I prefer MadPea hunts to the games, which can sometimes be a bit too heavy and complicated for me, especially as English isn’t my first language.  I love the competition of the hunts and getting to meet new people while hunting. And being in teams is great!”


Another eagle-eyed hunter, Kaboogie Snoodle, has taken part in all our hunts this year, and happily told me what she enjoyed most.  “Seeing all the great sims, especially the ones all decorated for Halloween!” Some hunt hosts (like our very own Quron Dagger) go to great lengths to design and build special areas to hide eggs, shells and ghosts, and this is always hugely appreciated by our hunters.  There is no doubt that, for each hunt, our host sims have made a fabulous effort, and that just adds to the enjoyment all round!

Every season we take feedback from our hunters and use it to improve the next hunt.  For example, our hunters found it difficult to see if our Spring Easter Eggs were hidden at different altitudes within a sim, so for our Summer and Halloween hunts we added altitude indicators to the HUD.  Robbie Eel came third in our Top 5 Halloween hunters and usually plays with his lovely wife Stellie.  I asked him what he would change.  “To be honest I think you shouldn’t repeat the Trick or Treat Doors.” (These were available for hunters to open if they dared – most contained extra point ‘treats’, but some contained some ‘trick’ surprises!) “When the doors were introduced the hunt turned a bit into a game of luck. “Stellie was doing pretty well but she had some bad luck with the doors so dropped down quite a few places in the rankings and ended with a lot of lollies!  lol”

Luckily, Robbie could see that it was part of the fiendishness of the hunt.  “The ghosts were awesome and we enjoyed it to the fullest.  Let’s not forget it is all for fun and that’s what we all got from it! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Queen Pea and all of her team for making these great hunts possible!”

So what is coming up next?  Obviously our lovely Queen Pea Kiana Writer would have my guts for garters if I told you all tooooo much, but there are a few things I can share right now!

  • Have we seen the last of the Hunts?  Goodness no!
  • When will the next one be?  Easy to guess – CHRISTMAS!!!!
  • What will I be hunting?  Nuh uh uh!  Just like Christmas treats – it’s a surprise!
  • How will I find out more?  Get yourself a free MadPea InfoHUD from the main store, or check Group notices and Group Chat.

It’s not too far away though, so see you there!


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