MadPea is having a blast this round, May 6th to June 3rd, at the Belle Event with the with an awesome longboard set! The MadPea Longboard Set is a epic way to skate the boardwalk, get to those summer parties, or display your adventurous spirits!

This fun and exciting set is available in 3 awesome variations -Celestial, Washi and Floral- and comes with matching helmets! Be fashionable and safe at the same time while you skate through the parks, race down the streets, or put your board up for your friends to envy!

Are you ready for the adventures of Summer and all the Longboarding to be done?





The MadPea Longboard Set is only $199L (each set) at the Belle Event from May 6th to June 3rd! Gear up for your adventures and hit the roads of the SL-verse for your Summer to remember!