MadPea has unveiled an amazing new MadChat: Zombie Outbreak, taking social gaming to the next level, and bringing you a gorgeous piece of decor as well!

Do you think you are ready for the hungry hordes wanting a bite of your brain? Have you made enough correct preparations? Are you certain your family and friends will survive too? Find out the answers to these and other gnawing questions when you play Zombie Outbreak! With so many fun and sometimes playful question, you can answer the age old query; Are Zombies fun at parties?

Interactive, entertaining and just a little satirical, the MadPea MadChat: Zombie Outbreak is available for only $175L! Test your wits against your friends, amuse your party goers, enchant guests to your sim with a challenging new social game! For more information regarding this brilliant game check out the MadPea Group or MadPea Premium Group inworld, or head over to the MadPea Facebook and Flickr pages!