MadPea at Man Cave!

Oh.  My.  Gosh.

Have we got a treat for you!

MadPea is proud to sponsor the first Man Cave event, and to celebrate we have TWO awesome gacha sets that you are going to love!  Read on for more details…

13 Reasons why he had to die!

– Is it a gacha?

– Is it a game?

– Or is it just a thrilling, collectible puzzle to solve?

The answer is all three, and it’s the newest offering from MadPea!  The premise is simple.  Play the gacha machine until you collect all 13 gorgeously retro cassette tapes and at least one of the fabulous portable cassette players (ahh!  Those were the days!).  Then simply ‘play’ each cassette for a snippet of the story, and assemble the paper notes to find a major clue.  Solve the puzzle and win a special Achievement worth 100 points as well as a special bonus prize (this comes as a trans gift, but this can be exchanged for a copy/no-trans version on request).  Full instructions are included with the cassettes and tape player.

A couple of words of caution though.  The story is a single-player game with a chilling and adult theme suitable for mature audiences.  In addition, like any gacha, while Peas are welcome to buy tapes from MarketPlace or trade in Group Chat, MadPea is not responsible for these sales in any way and any issues should be raised with the seller in the first instance.

MadPea Retro Audio Set

No home is complete without music, and what could be better than this shamelessly retro but beautifully modelled mesh audio set?  It’s everything a music lover could need to decorate their space for their passion, so why not indulge yours?

The idea for the set came about after one of MadPea’s talented designers shared some work-in-progress pieces he had been creating in his own time, for fun.  They were so good that we pounced, and persuaded him to create this fabulous set.  Items include speakers, a record player complete with vinyl records and even a cassette player (millenials, ask your parents!).  All of the larger pieces are scripted to be interactive in some way. Some may have sounds for button pressing, others have working/moving parts, some have visual displays and for example the record player plays music that was created for MadPea just for the set!

Johanna Nirevil-Frost – showing us how it’s done!

The talent of our designers have kept the prim count of these items exceptionally low, so the set will not blow your prim allowance nor – at only 50 $L a pull – your bank balance!

The Mancave event runs from 18 June to 9 July and the link to it is below.  Don’t panic though – after the event, the set will be available from MadPea’s main store in Mad City.

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