Tis the season for thrills, chills and Monsters! Yes, that’s right, MadPea is releasing a little scare into the grid, and it’s your job to conquer the heebie-jeebies to catch those illusive beasties before they cause major havoc on SL-verse! Listen closely. Do you hear scritch-scratch noises, or maybe tiny screams? Do you smile at the things that go bump in the night? Do you often leave out snacks in hopes of drawing Monsters to lurk in your lands?  Well, you’re in luck because MadPea has the finest collection of Monsters around, and we’re offering you a chance to bring them home with you.

The MadPea Halloween Monster Hunt is starting soon and here is how you can get involved as a land owner!

The hunt will run from October 20th till November 3rd, but the Monsters are already available for sale. If you own land, a store, a club or a sim and you are willing to open it up to the public then all you have to do is head on down to the MadPea Store or make your way to Marketplace, buy your Monsters either individually or by the case, hide them and watch as hunters come running!

The Monsters will be sold  as follows:

Eggers pack ($L1,275). Can be bought individually as well.

Gloops pack ($L1,275). Can be bought individually as well.

Ziggletuffs pack ($L1,275). Can be bought individually as well.

“Ziggletuffs,” “Eggers,” and “Gloops” last 24 hours once rezzed and cost $L500  (worth 25 points to hunters )

Demonoids pack ($L1,920). Can be bought individually as well.

Snorkleblatz pack ($L1,920). Can be bought individually as well.

“Demonoids,” and “Snorkleblatz” last 48 hours once rezzed and cost $L750  (worth 50 points to hunters )

Terrorfins pack ($L2,550). Can be bought individually as well.

“Terrorfins” last 72 hours once rezzed and cost $L1000  (worth 75 points to hunters )

YAY Monsters Mix!

Of course, there’s a better deal with the Monster Mix (cost $L3,000)

The ultimate of Packs 😀

Or for your best deal, get the Mega Monster Mash! ($L 10,000)

Remember that you can buy and hide Monsters throughout the duration of the hunt.

In case you’re wondering why get involved as a Monster hider?  Well, with nearly 16,000 peas hunting you can imagine the number of visitors to your club or store.  Picture the increase in traffic to your place!  Also, since peas love to shop, calculate the potential increase in sales!

So come join in the MadPea fun!  Head on down to the MadPea Store and purchase your Monsters any time from now to the end of the hunt!  Or head on over to marketplace to buy your Monsters to hide!

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