MadPea is hosting a Pet Friends Fair for all of us that cherish our furry, feathered, fancy, freaky, and finned pet friends.  The MadPea Pet Friends Fair runs from June 30th till July 20th.  There are five amazing companies who have partnered with MadPea to bring you this event, Wilds of Organica, T|L|C, VKC, Teegle Pets, and Alchemy/Birdy.  We will be bringing you some in-depth interviews, so you can get to know them and their wonderful products.




This interview was with True and Lautlos of T|L|C Home Collection.  These two very lovely people had this to say at the start of the interview, ” Thank-you for the opportunity to share some information about │T│L│C│ and ourselves with the MadPea community. We feel very honored and excited about the partnership with the MadPea Pet Friends Fair. ”


When asked about finding Second Life, I received two totally different answers.  True joined in 2010 after seeing a documentary about SL on television.  Lautlos was surfing the web, back in 2013, and did a Google search for 3-D building.  Second Life came up as a result and he clicked.  The rest is history.


True’s interest was peaked for Second Life by the chance of seeing a world built totally by the citizens and without political leadership.  Traveling around the grid to visiting “countries” that she hadn’t been able to in real life was a past time True enjoyed during the beginning fo her SL journey.  “Just meeting and chatting with people,” True says, “Was something I enjoyed.” Lautlos has a different reason.  “Finding a community where creative people were willing to support each other”, he explained, “was what kept me coming back to Second Life.”

Meeting in December 2013, Lautlos and True embarked on their Second Life partnership a year later.  A short time later,  in April of 2015, T|L|C Home Collection was founded.

Lautlos and True told me a mesh heron was their first creation and was made for their home in SL.  Check out this graceful creation in the photo below.

I asked True and Lautlos about their favorite design creation, Lautlos gave me the answer that I hear from many creators, “I have to believe that my favorite design is whatever I have been working on most recently.”   But he continued with this, “Every creation has a learning curve where we try to take each technique we have used previously, applying them to the latest project making it’s movements that bit better with better detail.”  “What we learn from each animal is being invested in the next project, ensuring we are always improving.”  Lautlos also added, “Feedback from our customers is one of our  great sources of inspiration providing us with the best kind of quality control.”

True’s answer to the same question made me laugh, “That’s a tough question, about a favorite design because there are a few.” “However, she went on to add, “If I have to decide, it’s probably the sea lion colony. They remind me of my first visit to San Diego, although I am glad that on SL they don’t come with the same smell.”  Look below for a picture of the T|L|C Sea Lion colony, sans smell!

I asked them both how much time does T|L|C usually put into the creation of an item, mentioning that most customers have no idea of the timeframe.   Together they answered with the following, “We both have full-time RL jobs, so most of our ‘creation time’ falls on the weekends and holidays.”   “As a general rule of thumb, we need about a month of creation time,” True said.  Then Lautlos continued, “At the same time, we are developing new projects, the latest project being Animesh.  Many people have asked us for flamingos, so we decided to make them our first Animesh release.  The gorgeous Animesh Flamingos are pictured below.


I asked for some final thoughts or words of wisdom from both creators.  True proclaimed she wasn’t wise enough to pass on words of wisdom but did give us this, her favorite reminder, Life is what you make out of it’.  She told me, “As easy and short as it sounds, it took me a while to realize, that it is only YOU who can make a change to your life.”  “Surround yourself only with the people who make you happy, and make yourself a better you,” True finished.
Lautlos had these words to share,  “I think in SL, and life generally,  try and remember that time is the most valuable thing we are given. share it with the people that matter.”

Both Lautlos and True wanted to share this as the last part of their interview, “Thank you so much for supporting us! Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we enjoy most!”


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