Only a few more days until our much-anticipated MadPea Pet Friends Fair!!! I know you guys are as excited as I am…. probably… maybe…  yeah, I’m pretty darn tootin’ excited! For those of you who are just tuning in our Pet Friends Fair, it is a new event – hosted by the ever so talented MadPea team – which will be bringing together all things pet friend fabulous! The Fair will run from 30 June to 20 July, so plenty of time to get in and find some new pet friends or find some fancy fixins’ to spoil the ones you already have.

Over the past few weeks we’ve taken a closer look at the amazing partners working with us to bring you all this magic, and now it’s time for us to put the spotlight on our sponsors! So many wonderful designers are getting involved – without a doubt this will be The Event of the year!

Our Sponsor line-up includes *cue drumroll* Candy Kitten, CryBunBun, Hill, Kraftwork, MUG, Muggleborn, Noble Creations, Noxturnal, Rezz Room, Sweet Thing, Yasum, and Zombie Suicide. – You guys.. YOU. GUYS. I know you know they’re going to be bringing us some Uh-Mazing things. So let’s take a closer look at some of the best known designers in Second Life, shall we?

First up we have Candy Kitten, most known for their high quality cheeky and playful clothing styles – they put some class in sass and don’t you forget it! They are also clearly a pet lover and have included more than a few animal friends of their own in past designs and events. Check out their Unicorn Princess outfit the next time you’re strolling through their store – here you go:

Why yes, those are adorable unicorn princess plushees. I know. I want one too.

Next up we have CryBunBun. Little known fact about me, aside from unicorns and the color pink, I LOVE bunnies. Love, love, love them. So perhaps I am a little biased when I tell you how amazing this store is, how adorable and well made all the sweet, fluffy creations are… but really, I just think this is one bunnehlicious store. Seriously. Go there. Buy stuff. Roll around in it. You’ll be a better person for it.

Ok. It’s not a bunbun but it’s still funfun. Yeah I came up with that by myself.

Hill is a store we have collaborated with in the past and are so excited to do so again. They are known for their fun and creative high quality mesh designs. Their family friendly products run from tot only and up to ensure there is something for everyone – including the pet lovers! Check out this link to their MarketPlace listings to get a head start on all things Hill!

Just look at those peepers peepin out! Too. Cute.

Kraftwork is easily one of my favorite stores on the grid! Not only do they have some really fantastic group gifts, which they do by the way, but every thing they make adds wealth and value to any space it’s placed in. Many of you might be familiar with them from their contributions to our previous Deco(c)rate releases, and those of you just discovering them take some time for yourself and wander around their brand new mainstore, you’ll be glad you did!

Fun and Fantastic! These are masks are spot on!

Mug is probably one of the most amazing stores I’ve visited during my adventures in Second Life. Not only are the products amazing, oh and they are, but the store itself is a work of art. The products, really are amazing though – clearly this can only be the brain child of a mad genius. Best known for their clothes and accessories, they bring popular ideas to the next level with their own personal touch. But really, that store ya’ll

Go to this store. Buy the things. You’re welcome.

With a name like Muggleborn, you know you’re going to get something fun, and you won’t be disappointed! Another clothing store full of cute, custom mesh products, their designs are very much sexy chic. At this point I’m not ashamed to admit this article has eaten away my lindens – money well spent. Hello shiny mermaid shorts, I needed you! Check it out or yourself right here!

Wait! Whaaaaat? Could it be a sneak peek of what they’re bringing to the Pet Friends Fair? Shhhhhh!

I love Noble Creations, you love Noble Creations… we all love Noble Creations! Medieval Fantasy is a popular theme throughout second life, and thankfully we have Noble Creations to cater to our needs with their breathtaking products. More than once I have wished that I could just pluck out their items from my computer and put them in my house for reals. Everything they make is simply stunning! If you’ve never been there before, check them out!

Who doesn’t need a little bit of nobility in their lives? And also these chairs. And that table.

Noxturnal is next up on our sponsor list and here you will find original mesh products that are magical, whimsical and simply beautiful! I’m a sucker for anything magic related and this store speaks to me on that level. Perfect for anyone who is looking for a little touch of magic in their second lives! Their mainstore is under construction at the moment but check out their marketplace listing for some really fantastic finds!

Those good boy puppers faces tho.

Rezz Room is home of some the cutest animesh animals I have ever seen. I instantly fell in love with their designs the first time I saw them at an event. While they are fairly new on the grid, they arrived with a bang, zip and pow to steal our hearts with their beautifully rendered and quality mesh animals and homeware. Their bulldog set is absolutely delightful! Check them out before the fair at their mainstore right here!

I just want to lay down and rez them all on top of me and die in the cute.

Sweet Thing is one of the most popular stores in Second Life – and with good reason – It’s amazing. Their ultra cute, sexy and ‘sweet’ products cater to just about everyone out there. Be it with their cute, bento animated ears and tails, their gorgeous clothes or fun accessories there will be SOMETHING for everyone. Their love of animals is obvious in their cutesy animal themed products and they are sure to bring something spectacular to the Pet Friends Fair!

One of the coolest ideas of kitten ears and tails I’ve seen so far! Funtastic!

Yasum is one of those rare stores that caters to both men and women’s clothing and accessories. Their fashion style is sleek and fun and brings to mine current trends in pop culture street fashion – with a little bit of fantasy thrown in for good measure. Their exclusive and original mesh designs are a beautiful quality and with the diversity of their products this is one store your guy friends will be happy to tag along!

Yes’m I’d like some Yasum.

And last, but far from least, we have the much beloved Zombie Suicide! Dark, eerie and edgy they have a little bit of everything for a little bit of everyone. Accessories, shapes, animations and décor full of macabre delight they are perfect for a little bit of extra creepy for your outfit or home…or both!

Looks like I might be going a little ….. batty!

And that my Mad friends, is our list of sponsors for the Pet Friends Fair 2019! Only a few days left until we open so get your pet carriers ready because with sponsors like this – no one will be coming away empty handed!