Adventure burns in the heart of all Peas; it drives us to hunt, to unravel mysteries, and to discover how far we are willing to descend into the madness that makes MadPea so addictive. And what do Peas need to feed the fires of adventure that burn within? Games, puzzles, mysteries and those little twists of insanity that MadPea excels at!

We are lucky that so many creative and delightful friends choose to support the Madness that is MadPea, and in this article, we will introduce a unique creator who has added an extra jolt of enjoyment to our first hunt designed exclusively for MadPea Premium members.

The delightful Hαɳʂ Iɳʂԋαɳ Sҽɾҽɳιƚყ

Serenity Style, run by Hans Ishan Serenity, recently became our first Premium hunt location, and is hosting “The Confessions of Thomas Greene”. Yes, as promised to all those Premium Peas seeking a little extra content to their MadPea existence, The Confessions of Thomas Greene provides a compelling mystery that holds within a murderous plot.  Now the question had to be asked; What made Hans agree to host the Confessions of Thomas Greene Hunt?

Her reply was lighthearted and full of mischief: “I’ve known MadPea a long time, and I think their games and hunts are really funny. When Kiana gave me a chance to host a hunt at my sim, I was like “wow!” It was a great idea, not only because of the traffic and sales but to open my doors to the Peas and see them enjoying themselves.”

MadPea Premium Hunt at Serenity Style

Hosting a hunt brings in a lot of traffic and sales, but when questioned about the benefits of hosting a MadPea experience and if she would recommend it to other creators, Hans was quick to agree it was a great idea.

“There is no doubt that the hunt has increased the sim visitor and sales, but the people who come don’t just play. They explore and come again, and this can build a loyal customer base. This may be the first one I’ve hosted, but I was in other MadPea hunts, like the Summer and Easter hunts; doing special gifts and prizes. The people who came for the gift have returned many times since and now are Serenity Style customers too.”

Hearing this, the question of what her favorite part of the Hunts was begged to be asked. Hans grinned and the query and said, “Creating the gift was fun because I made something more dark and mysterious than I usually do. And, personally, the moment when the hunt started was the best part. I was here with other MadPea crew to greet people and watch them explore and discover. I have never seen people so excited.”

Oh no! Look out, Hans!

When asked about the fish like creature with sharp teeth wandering around the sim, Hans laughed and replied, “There are people saying there is an evil fish following them when they are hunting. Well, I had nice tropical fish here and I’m not sure, but I think it has been possessed by the Thomas Greene spirit!”