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What is MadPea Premium?

MadPea Premium is an exclusive group for extra juicy Pea goodness! If you want more madness, join MadPea Premium for extra:

Exclusive games and puzzles

Exclusive welcome gift and Mad Points to spend in Mad World

Exclusive monthly group gifts

Extra exclusive quests and events to win extra Achievement Points

Enhanced customer service

What are the options?

Choose either Gold, Silver or Bronze Membership, as detailed below.

How do I join MadPea Premium?

Visit our MadPea Premium store at Mad City

Purchase your preferred package from the vendors located in the store.

You will then be given your Group invite, welcome gift and Mad Points automatically.

What’s on now?

Group Gift

Group Gift – NEW!

Group Gift

All group gifts can be picked up from

MadPea Premium HQ

in Mad City!

Monthly Alliance Hunt

Every month we will bring you a fresh new hunt involving TEN fabulous designers from across the grid. Simply pick up a HUD from the MadPea Premium store in Mad City, and hop to it! Rewards include ten themed prizes and exclusive Achievement Points. More details of this month’s hunt can be found below.

MadPea Premium Terms and Conditions

If you aren’t able to enjoy the full range of fun offered by MadPea Premium for RL reasons, or if you cannot abide by our Rules and are removed from the group, refunds will not be made available.

We are aware that MadPea Premium is a considered purchase for our Peas and we are keen to offer a range of enhanced privileges and service.  However, this does not entitle you to harass, grief or abuse any other Pea or our staff, and such behaviour will be dealt with appropriately.

As with the regular MadPea group, please be respectful in terms of what you post there.  Do not post links into group chat, even MadPea links. We ask this to prevent phishing and for your own safety. However, we do encourage chat (and sometimes silliness) in the group, but if you are busy elsewhere and find that distracting, feel free to disable group chat temporarily.

MadPea Premium offers enhanced customer support, but our CSRs still won’t solve a puzzle for you! The Premium Group contains many clever and experienced Peas who will be only too happy to help in private if you ask nicely, but try not to give too much away when you do!  If you need to ask for help in the Group, please do so with the bare minimum details such as “Need help with Spellbound” and responses should be provided IMs to avoid spoiling it for the rest of chat.

Please don’t IM the MadPea Crew directly to ask for help. We don’t feed them very often so they may bite.  The quickest way to get help is by contacting a friendly CSR in the MadPea Premium Group or submit a technical request via our Ticket System. We will respond as soon as we can!